"Building Your Recording Studio Page"

1.    Spend $40,000 building a studio, and get it all back!

2.    Future Loop Band & Recording.

3.    Tech - Technical Papers (Keyboards, Computers, Software, Hardware, Etc).

4.   Computer Recording, Musical Instrument & Audio File Format Extension Manufacturer Information

5.   Drummers Wrist & Rudiment No Stick No Snare Warm-Ups - "Air Snare Exercise Technique".

6.   Drum Rudiments PASIC Drum Rudiments (Click Here).

7.   A Collection Of A Few Of My Favorite Hammond B Model Organ Photos.

8.   Music General Studies and Information Link Page (Click Here).

9.   Eventide - Review of Eventide H-3000 D/SE

10.   Why A Digital Signal Is Never Accurate.

11.   Apple - Dual-Quad Mac Pro November 2007 - Technical Specifications.

12.   Carlos Santana's Band's Gear (2002).

13.   The Original MP3 Player Upgrade, The Portable Gramophone.

14.   Camcorder Test Comparison Between Canon HF-10 vs. Sony SR-7 (video 9 meg).

15.    Signal: Solving Signal Problems.

16.    Leslie Simulator: Dynacord CLS-222.

17.    Focusrite Forte Console with ISA One Preamps.

18.    Click Here For Future Loop Band Novation Link Page.

19.    Click Here For M-Audio MidAir MIDI Wireless Controller.

20.    How Do I Copy Data From One Computer To Another?

21.    Guitar Repair & Modification Questions, Miscellaneous, Etc.

22.    Focusrite Forte Console with ISA One Preamps.

23.    TC Konnekt 6 Audio Interface, &  TC Electric Digital Konnekt x32, Keyboards, & Computer Firewire Interface.

24.    Hammond Organ Trek II Conversion Information.

25.    Guitar Speed Training.

26.    Silent Brass, Yamaha Microphone Mute, Battery Powered Body Pack Preamp System.

27.    Alesis Midiverb II Information & Files, Manual, Quick Start Guide, & Program Chart.

28.    Optimizing Your Windows Computer For Creating And Making Music.

29.    Recording Music Computer Facts & Information.

30.    Identifying You Computer Mother Board The Information Necessary To Download Motherboard Manual.

31.    Yamaha WX7 Synthesizer Wind Controller Adjustment Instructions.

32.    Baldwin Piano Manufacturing History.

33.    Computer Registry Tools (Spyware, Trojans, Viruses, Program Removal, Drivers), Analysis-Removal.

34.    Musical Instrument And Equipment Cases Information Link Page (SKB, Gator, Etc).

35.    Samsung HL61A750 DLP Generation 2.3 60,000 Hour Light Engine Review.

36.    Olympus WS-210S Stereo Hand Held Notepad Recorder.

37.   Wireless Microphones and Wireless Earbud US Transmit Channels and Frequencies.

38.    Edirol 2496 Roland UA-25EX and UA-4FX USB Audio-MIDI Computer Recording Interface.

39.    Nocturn Automap Controller Link Page.

40.    Audio & Video File Format Extensions and Web Definition Link URL.

41.    Digidesign - Avid Media Approved Firewire Cards For Multimedia Video and Audio Production, Post-Production.

42.    Maxtor HD Instalation, Jumper Settings and Related Files.

43.    Rode NT-1A Microphone Information and Review.

44.    Ibanez TS-9DX Tube Screamer Information.

45.    Digidesign Pro Tools Compatibility, Computer Optimizing Information , and Links.

46.    Behringer Behringer DSP2024P Virtualizer Pro offers 71 breathtaking new algorithms (Chorus/Phaser/Reverb) Information, Pro REV2496 Reverb Effects Processor Etc.

47.    Digital Television Converter Boxes Information, Etc.

46.    Promotional Codes Website, Check for Promotional Codes for Item Purchase by Store Name, Item, or Other Identifier.

49.    Roland Manual Reference Index (Click Here).

50.    Synthesizer Retro-Fit for MIDI, "MidiJack".

51.    Computer Recording Requirements (Benchmarks).

52.    Ground Delivery Time Estimates For Origin of Shipments From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma To US Destination.

53.    Compressor Noise In The Signal Path.

54.    M-Audio Keyboard Manuals Link Page.

55.    Behringer Keyboard Controller U-CONTROL UMX61 (Battery Powered, Portable) Information, Manual, Link Page, Etc.

56.    EastWest Studios

57.    National Instrument's PXI MXI Products.

58.    MacBook Pro Core Duo 2.4 GHz Information Link Page.

59.    Zoom H4n Four-Track Studio Quality Portable Field Recorder Link Page And Information.

60.    EastWest - SoundsOnline.com Computer Compatibility, and Related Information Links.

61.    Click Here For Link To Support For Canon HF10 Camcorder.

62.    Building Your Own Computer From Parts (Assembling Asst. Parts Etc.).

63.    3 Pin XLR Wiring Diagram, Cable Wiring, Etc.

64.    Mackie Electronics Corporation Link, Manuals, Quick Start Guides, Support Info.

65.    ION Audio Format Conversion Hardware and Software Link Page.

66.    Linn Drum 1980's Synth Electronic Drum Used By Danny Piano Chesnut in 1980's Recording Info and Sound File Page.

67.    General Installation Instructions For Window Air Conditioner Unit .

68.    Awning Instructions, Installation, Care And Maintenance.

69.    Panning Low Frequencies In Mastering Recording Sessions.

70.    Equalization v. Filters Information Link.

71.   Native-Instruments Computer Installation Number Of Authorization Approvals Link Page.

72.    Click Here The Leslie Cabinet Schematic & Measurements; Along With Other Information.

73.    FEATURE: Making A Fire-Breathing Mac.

74.    Virtual Instrument Buying Guide.

75.    Music Computer Help Information Link Page.

76.   Click Here For Information On Small Laptop Virtual Studio Instrument And Recording (BB Info Library).

77.   Click Here For Link To "A Brief History of Laptop Music."

78.    Click Here For Link To Native-Instruments Computer Compatibility Information.

79.    Click Here To Pro Tools Digidesign User Page Articles.

80.    Guitar Pedalboard Effects Link Page (Eventide, Ibanez, Roadrunner, Etc).

81.    Hands on Review of Seymour-Duncan Pickups and Effects.

82.    Click Here M-Audio Pianos.

83.    Click Here For M-Audio Audio Buddy Small Mixer Recording Input.

84.    Click Here For Tascam DR-07 Hand Held Studio Recorder 48Hz/24Bit Recording.

85.    Click Here For Field Recorder Information, Brand, Features, Specs, Etc.

86.    Eventide Studio Quality Effects Foot Pedals.

87.    Rack-Mounting Your PC.

88.    Office Dividers As Acoustic Screens In The Studio.

89.    Click Here For Information Link Page For Zoom R-24 24Tk.

90.    Why Doesn't Computer Audio 'Just Work' When Everything Else On The Computer 'Just Works' (Click Here For Link)?

91.    Click here For Information On New Release DAW Pro Tools 9.

92.    Click Here For Link Page On "The Leslie Cabinet Dynamics Explained."

93.    Click Here For Link Page To The "Leslie Shootout."

94.    Click Here For Link Page To "Acoustic Piano Serial Numbers & Date of Manufacture."

95.    Click Here For Link Page To Information on The "Tascam DR-2D Field Recorder."

96.    Click Here For Link To Information and Manuals For the The Roland Fantom Electronic Keyboard.

97.    Click Here For Information on The M-Audio Audio Interface Fast Track Studio (24Bit-48HZ).

98.    Click Here For Information On Avantone Recording Electronics.

99.    Click Here for Amphenol Electronics Corporation Products Information.

100.   Click Here For Tascam DP-03 Manual Download (22.7 MB PDF).

101.    Click Here For Tascam Remote Footswitch Foot Pedal  Manual (1.6 MB ).

102.    Click Here For Link To "Newmar Motor Coach".

103.    Click Here For Download of iPad2 Users Guide (16.2 MB ).

104.    Million Dollar Hit Recording Studio; Home Studio Fixes From Grammy Winning Engineer. Money Won't Do It For You; Talent and Skill Will. Click Here: Twelve (12) Examples Where You Can Find Out The Answers And Secrets for Even Your Million Dollar Studio.

105.    Click Here To View Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb Control Module.

106.    Are Your Audio Recordings Thin, Crisp, Harsh, or Cluttered But Not Personal In some Areas? Click Here For Tips on Adding Warmth To Your Digital Audio Recording Link.

107.    Click Here For Link To Universal Audio UAD-2 Outboard Satellite System Audio Sound Processing Information Page.

108.    Click Here For Link To The Musicians Dictionary.

109.    Recording Tracks.

110.    Click Here For Plans To Building Your Own Analog Steel Reverberation Steel Recording Studio Delay Line.


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110.    Click Here For The "Big Phat Band" Video Arrangement of "Sing, Sang, Sung".

111.    Click Here For Information On Digidesign and Pro Tools Products.

112.   Roland Musical Instruments Electronics Manuals And Updates.

113.    Click Here For Information On The Waves APA Accelerators.

114.    Click Here For Link Page For Tom "Bones" Malone Answer  10 Questions and Bio For "Tom Bones Malone".

115.    Click Here For Link Page To Wave Live Sound Reinforcement Info.