"Native-Instrument Number Of Authorization Approvals, See Below"

Do I need a second license in case I want to install my product on a second computer?

The end user license agreement (EULA) of Native Instruments' products allows the simultaneous installation on two computers (three computers for all versions of KORE and KOMPLETE), as long as only one installation is used at any given time. It is not necessary to "deactivate" an existing installation to activate the product on a further machine, but due to the license agreement it is required to uninstall the product from the previously used computer.

Please note that Native Instruments reserves the right to disable an account or serial number if it has reason to believe that the license agreement is violated.

User Comments

  1. Comment #1 (Posted by Dave)
    Does this apply to Guitar Rig 2 or 3?
  2. Comment #2 (Posted by Martin Hewing)
    This applies to all products. In case you own GUITAR RIG as part of KOMPLETE, you have three licenses.
  3. Comment #3 (Posted by Anonymous)
    quite short reply, but okay
  4. Comment #4 (Posted by Alex )
    What happens if you already have NI T3 installed on 2 computers (desktop + laptop) and want to sell your laptop? How do i unregister my traktor 3 from the old computer and install it on the new one?
  5. Comment #5 (Posted by del yates )
    i am upgrading to a much faster computer, and am currently using guitar rig2 and kontact2 on desktop and laptop but i am changing my desktop computer, what is the proceedure i go through to do this please
  6. Comment #6 (Posted by DJ Chaz)
    So, if I have a problem with my laptop (which I do) and put this program on my personal NON DJ laptop (which I am doing because I have a few gigs) until I can go buy a new DJ laptop (which I am going to do), does this means I will need to go out an buy Traktor 3 again because I can only install it on 2 PC's???
  7. Comment #7 (Posted by Jukka Hannukainen )
    There's still no answer on how to proceed when having already done two installs and then wanting to move one of those into a new computer,ie.changing hardware. I have currently two installations of Reaktor, one on my PC desktop and one on my pc laptop. I'm now subsituting my pc desktop for a Mac laptop so I need to get my second install into the new Mac. Do I need to "de-activate" the pc desktop-version somehow or is deinstalling it enough? The pc desktop is never connected to internet as it sits in my studio.
  8. Comment #8 (Posted by Anonymous)
    like so many others, i want to be able to deactivate my software on my notebook and be able to install it on a new machine, thus making the activation for traktor scratch pro occur 3 times.
  9. Comment #9 (Posted by alex b )
    trying to install f.s 1.5 for the third time . the first time i used the reg tool, the second time the service centre but cannot get the new version of s.centre to allow me to activate the reg tool. have told n.i this is the third instilation and why and am going round in circles. any ideas
  10. Comment #10 (Posted by Anonymous)
    trying to instal Kontakt on a second system but cannot get the NI Service Center to authorize. Says it is registered to another system. How do I get round this problem?
  11. Comment #11 (Posted by Olle )
    Where are all the answers to the relevant questions above? I have the same!
  12. Comment #12 (Posted by Howie )
    Exactly, where are the answers? There are no dates on these posts, but I have a new/faster laptop and want to transfer the software. It used to be easy on the old Service Center, but not now. People want to know NI!!!!!
  13. Comment #13 (Posted by Howard Barker )
    Like all the other people asking here, how do I transfer a license from my old laptop to a new laptop for all my NI products? It used to be so easy! Service Center says I have B4 left to activate, Overview lists all my NI software - that's all - no other options on the screens.
  14. Comment #14 (Posted by Chris )
    I also want to know about transferring licenses, specifically for Guitar Rig 3. Since the posts are not dated, today is March 21, 2009. NI, we are trying to be good citizens and transfer your software legally. You should help us help you continue to make money and please provide us with the correct procedure to do this. Thank you.
  15. Comment #15 (Posted by Anonymous)
    NI needs to have a process for DE-AUTHORIZING that works exactly the same as the one for AUTHORIZING. Anything less speaks for itself. (April 16, 2009)
  16. Comment #16 (Posted by P. Tubb )
    no answers where given to any of the relevent comments, ex. how do you install if you have bought a new computer and you already have 2 installs, or we skrewed?
  17. Comment #17 (Posted by nrthpole5 )
    O.k. is it me or are there more Questions than answers Here???
  18. Comment #18 (Posted by Dubravko Pajalic )
    I have recevied updated version of Garitan GPO for KP2. However, looks liek the serial # is the same and doesnt want me to activate the product. Please advise!

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