"Big Phat Band"

Click Here: For Video (8.4 MB) MP4 Streaming Download of The "Big Phat Band" Arrangement of "Sing, Sang, Sung", This is a Heavenly Big Band and as for one who misses Buddy Rich's Band's very much,  with His Energy and skill in arranging musical passages, and beyond that, as one of the most demanding musical directors, first of Himself to replicate his very best performance each time, and beyond that as director arranger who was most respected and appreciated that he was allowed to intimidate and be no less demanding of his associates on stage. I can say I truly miss Buddy Rich's Talent and the musical moments he inspired and created which was projected musically on stage, without fail.

Click Here: Here's your chance to hear a band that is real close. This is as close as you will find for a gigging group these days, as the modern groups are too expensive to work enough to get tight; (playing 150+ gigs a year).

Click Here: MP4 Streaming Download (8.4 MB). Enjoy...

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