"3 Pin XLR Wiring Diagram, Cable Wiring, Etc."

Cable designed for being cut into standard mic cables may have 2 pairs of wire and a shield around the outside, in that case pair the colors together and make sure they go to the same pin number on each end.  The surrounding shield should be soldered to pin 1.  Balanced audio cable designed for installs usually has a black, white, and ground wire.  The uninsulated ground wire should go to pin 1, the red wire to pin 2, and the black wire to pin 3.



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Volume Pots & Knobs

Volume Pot Wiring Diagram

Volume Pot Wiring Volume Pot Pins - 1 is always ground

If you want the pot to turn in the opposite direction, pins 1 and 3 can be reversed. Be sure to always ground to the shell to avoid hum! I normally drill a hole inside the shell and attach a ring terminal with three ground wires - one to the element, one to the pot, and one to the connector.



Shure CM/CR Polarity

CM Polarity

Looking at the back of the element with the lettering facing you (and usually upside down), the hot is left and ground is right. There is usually a red dot on the plastic indicating "+".

XLR-1/4" Wiring

XLR Adapter

Connect the XLR's Pin 1 to the XLR ground lug and to the 1/4" ground

Connect the XLR's Pin 3 to the 1/4" Tip

Preamp Tubes - Improve The Sound Of Any Tube Guitar Amp In An Instant!

Preamp tubes are rated in percentage of output. The higher the percentage, the hotter the tube. If you can't turn your amp up past 2 before it begins to feed back, then it's time for a tube change. They're not that expensive, so you might as well get an assortment. They're self-biasing and any tube can go in any preamp socket. The order will definitely make a difference in the amps tone, so experiment. Look for American-made tubes like Tung-Sol, RCA, Sylvania, and GE. Avoid the Russian tubes if possible.

Tube Type












Tube Equivalents


ECC83, 7025, 5751, V4004


CV10662/455, CV8154/9859, CV4024




ECC82, E82CC, 12AU7WA, 6189, 5814, 5814A, 5963, 6067, 6680, ECC802(S), 7316, 7730, B329, B749, CV4003, M8136, 7801


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