Audio & Midi File Extensions Information

Following 1st Table - Recording Program & Kernel Program Extensions; 2nd Table At Bottom of Page Synth & Loop Extensions For Proprietary Synth Performance, Pro Tools, Native Instruments, Etc.

Recording Program & Kernel Program Extensions

Ext. Manufacturer - Description & Program Extensions
Aac Advanced audio coding
.aif Audio Interchange File Format sound file
.aifc Audio Interchange File Format sound file with Compression
.aiff Audio Interchange File Format
.aifr Audio Interchange File Format
.amr Adaptive Multi-Rate compressed audio
.ape Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio Compression Format
.asf Advanced Systems format
.au Unix audio sound file format
.aud DTS sound data stream file format
.aud Winamp media file
.aup Audacity project file
.bin Audio format (short ints
.bwf Broadcast wave file format
.cda CD Audio track
.dct Variable codec format designed for dictation
.dss Digital Speech Standard File (various Voice Recorders)
.dts Digital Surround Audio File Format
.dvf DV Studio Camcorder voice file
.esu LokSound Electronic Sound File
.eta eTreppid Audio File
.flac Audio files encoded by Flac - free lossless audio codec
.gsm Sound (GSM 6.10 prI-ETS 300 036 13kbit/s) (Internet phones)
.m4a MPEG-4 compressed audio file
.m4p iTunes Music Store Audio File
.mdi MIDI-sequention sound
.mid MIDI-sequention sound
.midi MIDI-sequention sound
.mp2 Sound file (MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Stream)
.mp2a Sound file (MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Stream)
.mp3 Compressed audio
.mpc MusePack Audio file
.mpega MPEG Sound
.msv Memory Stick compressed voice files
.mus Music file format
.mus SCORE Music publishing system music notation
.nwc Noteworthy Composer Song File
.nwp Noteworthy Player file type
.ogg Ogg Vorbis audio file open-source music
.psb Pinnacle: Sound Bank file
.psm Protracker Studio Module (sound)
.psm Sound data for Epic's games
.ra RealAudio
.ram Real Audio sound
.rel Nokia Phone Audio File
.sab ALSong Album File
.shn Shorten compressed audio file
.smf Standard MIDI file format
.snd Unix sound file
.speex A Free Codec For Free Speech
.tta TAU Producer file - TTA Lossless audio codec
.vox Dialogic sound
.vy3 VY3 is Samsung Yepp VY-H350H Digital Voice Recorder format
.wav WAVe PCM Sound
.wave WAVe PCM sound file
.wma Windows Media Audio
.wpk Nero Wave Editor file
.wpl Windows Media Player Playlist
.wv WavPack lossless compressed audio file
.wvc WawPack lossless compressed audio file format correction file


Synth, Loop, Pro Tools, Native Instruments, Extensions Etc. Below

Ext. Manufacturer - Description & Program Extensions
.4mp 4-MP3 Database File


UNIS Composer 669 Module
.6cm Six Channel Module
.8cm Eight Channel Module
.8med Amiga OctaMed Music File
.8svx Amiga 8-Bit Sound File
.aac Advanced Audio Coding File
.abc ABC Music Notation
.ac3 Audio Codec 3 File
.act ADPCM Compressed Audio File
.ahx WinAHX Tracker Module
.aif Audio Interchange File Format
.aifc Compressed Audio Interchange File
.aiff Audio Interchange File Format
.ais Velvet Studio Instrument
.akp Akai Sampler File
.al A-Law Compressed Sound Format
.alaw A-Law Compressed Sound Format
.all Cubase Song File
.amr Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.ams Extreme Tracker Module
.ams Velvet Studio Module
.ape Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
.ase Velvet Studio Sample
.au Audio File
.aud Compressed Audio File
.avr Audio Visual Research File
.band GarageBand Project
.bap Blaze Audio Wave Information File
.bdd CARA Sound Radiation Data File
.box CARA Loudspeaker Design File
.bwf Broadcast Wave File
.c01 Typhoon Wave Audio File
.cda CD Audio Track Shortcut
.cdr Raw Audio CD Data
.cel Audition Loop
.cmf Creative Music Format
.copy Sony Ericsson Protected Content File
.cpr Cubase Project
.csh Cubase Waveform File
.cwp Cakewalk SONAR Project
.d00 OPL2 FM Audio File
.d01 OPL2 FM Audio File
.dcf DRM Content Format File
.dcm DCM Audio Module
.dct Dictation Audio File
.dewf SoundEdit Recorded Instrument
.df2 Defractor 2 Instrument
.dfc Defractor Instrument
.dig Digilink Audio File
.dig Sound Designer Audio File
.dls Downloadable Sounds File
.dm DRM Delivery Message
.dmf Delusion Digital Music File
.dsf Delusion Digital Sound File
.dsm Digital Sound Module
.dsp Dynamic Studio Professional Module
.dss Digital Speech Standard File
.dtm DigiTrakker Module
.dvf Sony Digital Voice File
.DWD DiamondWare Digital Audio File
.ear Eyemail Audio Recording
.efa Ensoniq ASR File
.efe Ensoniq EPS File
.efk Ensoniq KT File
.efq Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS-32 File
.efs Ensoniq SQ-80 File
.efv Ensoniq VFX-SD File
.emb Everest Embedded Bank File
.emd ABT Extended Module
.esps ESPS Sampled Data File
.f2r Farandoyle Linear Module File
.f32 Raw 32-Bit Audio File
.f3r Farandoyle Blocked Module File
.f64 Raw 64-Bit Audio File
.far Farandole Composer Module
.fff Gravis UltraSound Sound Bank
.flac Free Lossless Audio Codec
.flp FruityLoops Project
.fsm Farandole Composer WaveSample File
.fzb Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump
.fzf Casio FZ-1 Full Dump
.fzv Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump
.g721 G.721 Audio File
.g723 G.723 Audio File
.g726 G.726 Audio File
.gig Tascam GigaSampler File
.gsm Global System for Mobile Audio File
.gsm US Robotics GSM Audio File
.ics IC Recorder Sound File
.iff Interchange File Format
.ins Ensoniq Instrument
.ins Sample Cell II Instrument Definition File
.it Impulse Tracker Module
.iti Impulse Tracker Instrument
.its Impulse Tracker Sample
.k25 Kurzweil K2500 File
.k26 Kurzweil K2600 File
.kar Karaoke MIDI File
.kin Kinetic Music Project
.kmp Korg Trinity/Triton Keymap File
.koz Audiokoz Music File
.koz Bell Music File
.krz Kurzweil K2000 File
.ksc Korg Trinity/Triton Script File
.ksf Korg Trinity/Triton Sample File
.ktp Kinetic Project Template
.l Left Audio Channel File
.lso Logic Audio Project
.lvp Avaya Voice Player Audio File
.m3u Media Playlist File
.m4a MPEG-4 Audio File
.m4b MPEG-4 Audio Book File
.m4p iTunes Music Store Audio File
.ma1 Monarch Audio File
.mdl DigiTrakker Module
.med Amiga MED Sound File
.mid MIDI File
.midi MIDI File
.miniusf Nintendo 64 Song File
.mka Matroska Audio File
.mmf Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format
.mod Amiga Music Module File
.mp2 MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
.mp3 MP3 Audio File
.mpa MPEG Audio File
.mpc Musepack Audio File
.mpd File List Creator Playlist
.mpu MPEG Layer 3 Audio File
.mp Mobile Phone Sound File
.msv Memory Stick Voice File
.mt2 MadTracker 2 Module
.mte MadTracker 2 Envelope
.mti MadTracker Instrument
.mtm MultiTracker Module
.mtp MadTracker 2 Pattern
.mts MadTracker 2 Sample
.mus Finale Notation File Format
.mws MWave DSP Synth Instrument Extract
.nap Napster Secured Music File
.nrt Nokia Ringtone
.nsf NES Sound Format File
.nst NoiseTracker Module
.ntn NOTION Song File
.nwc NoteWorthy Composer File
.ogg Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio File
.okt Oktalyzer Module
.pac SBStudio II Song File
.pat Gravis UltraSound GF1 Patch File
.pbf Pinnacle Sample Bank
.pca Perfect Clarity Audio
.pcm Pulse Code Modulation
.phy PhyMod Physical Modeling Data
.pls Audio Playlist
.prg WAVmaker Program File
.prg Akai MPC2000 Program File
.psm Protracker Studio Module
.ptm PolyTracker Module
.pts Pro Tools Project
.pvc Panasonic VM1 Voice File
.r Right Audio Channel File
.ra Real Audio File
.ram Real Audio Media
.raw Raw Audio Data
.rbs Rebirth Song File
.rfl Reason ReFill Sound Bank
.rmf Rich Music Format
.rmi RMID MIDI File
.rmx RealJukebox Format
.rng Nokia Composer Ringtone
.rol Ad Lib Synthesized Instrument
.rti Real Tracker Instrument
.rtm Real Tracker Module
.rts Real Tracker Sample
.s3i Scream Tracker 3 Instrument
.s3m ScreamTracker 3 Module
.saf Secure Audio File
.sam MOD Edit Sample File
.sb Signed Byte Audio File
.sbi Sound Blaster Instrument
.sbk E-MU SoundFont Sound Bank
.sc2 Sample Cell II Instrument Definition
.sd Sound Designer Audio File
.sd ESPS Sampled Data File
.sd2 Sound Designer II File
.sds MIDI Sample Dump Standard
.sdx Sample MIDI Dump Exchange
.sf IRCAM Sound File
.sf2 SoundFont 2 Sound Bank
.sfk Sound Forge Audio Peak File
.sfl Sound Forge Sound Data File
.shn Shorten Compressed Audio File
.sib Sibelius Score
.smf Standard MIDI File
.smp SampleVision Audio Sample Format
.snd Sound File
.snd Macintosh Sound Resource
.snd Akai MPC Sample
.sng MIDI Song File
.sou SBStudio II Sound File
.sppack SPPack Sound Sample
.sprg Synclavier Program File
.sseq Synclavier Sequence File
.ssnd Synclavier Sound File
.stm Scream Tracker 2 Module
.stx Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit File
.svx 8SVX Sound File
.sw Signed Word Audio File
.swa ShockWave Audio
.syh Synchomatic Instrument
.syw Yamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File
.syx MIDI System Exclusive Message
.td0 Akai Teledisk Sound Library
.tfmx Final Music System Tracker Module
.thx Amiga THX Tracker Music File
.toc PSP Audio File
.tsp TrueSpeech Audio File
.txw Yamaha TX16W Audio File
.u AU Audio File
.ub Unsigned Byte Audio File
.ulaw Raw -Law Audio File
.ult UltraTracker Module
.ulw Raw -Law Audio File
.uni MikMod UniMOD Module
.usf Nintendo 64 Music File
.usflib Nintendo 64 Song Library
.uw Unsigned Word Audio File
.uwf UltraTracker Wave File
.VAG PlayStation Compressed Sound File
.val Olympus Voice Recording
.vmd Covox Raw Sample
.vmf Vocaltec Media File
.vmf Covox Speech Thing Sample
.voc Creative Labs Audio File
.voi Voyetra Voice File
.vox VoxWare Dialogic Audio File
.vqf TwinVQ Audio File
.vrf Ventrilo Audio Recording
.w01 Yamaha SY Series Wave File
.wav Windows WAVE Sound File
.wave WAVE Sound File
.wax Windows Media Audio Redirect
.wfb WaveFront Sound Bank
.wfd WaveFront Drum Kit File
.wfp WaveFront Program File
.wma Windows Media Audio File
.wow Grave Composer Music Module
.wpk Nero Wave Editor File
.wproj Wwise Project
.wrk Cakewalk Music Project
.wus WUTG Tagged Audio File
.wut WUTG Tag File
.wv WavPack Audio File
.wvc WavPack Correction File
.wwu Wwise Work Unit
.xfs eRacer Sound File
.xi Fasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File
.xm Fasttracker 2 Extended Module
.xmf Extensible Music File
.xmi Extended MIDI File
.xp Fastracker 2 Pattern
.xt Fastracker 2 Track
.zvd ZyXEL Voice File