"TASCAM's DR-07 Hand Held Recording Studio (48Hz/24Bit)"

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TASCAM's DR-07 brings portable digital recording to an even smaller, more affordable package. A pair of highly-sensitive built in mics captures a wide stereo image, recording in either MP3 or 16/24-bit WAV format. The DR-07 is powered by AA batteries and it transfers files to a computer using a high-speed USB 2.0 connection. The versatile recorder even includes a windscreen, tripod stand mount and 2GB SD card to start recording right away.

Musicians will appreciate the playback functions of the DR-07, including the ability to loop MP3s and slow them down without changing the pitch. External microphones and sources can be recorded through the mic/line input, and the recorder offers analog limiting, low cut and auto gain setting for great-sounding audio. But for great-sounding recordings, the compact DR-07 is all you need.


  1. Approximate recording time chart for WAV and MP3 files: (download, 163K)
  2. DR-07 DXF Line Drawings: Rear (download, 58.7K)
    - Right (download, 230K)
    - Left (download, 204K)

    - Bottom (download, 743K)

    - Top (download, 385K)
  3. DR-07 Owner's Manual: (DR-07 Manual Download, 3.33MB)
  4. DR-1 / GT-R1 / DR-07 Tested Media List: (download, 42.3K)

Software & Firmware:

  1. DR-07 Firmware: v 1.02 Firmware Update (download, 901K)

Media: Approximate recording time chart for WAV and MP3 files: (download, 163K)


TASCAM DR-07 User Review, Harmony Central

Manufacturer URL http://www.tascam.com/
General 9.0 (1 response)
Connectivity 9.0 (1 response)
I/O 8.0 (1 response)
Power 9.0 (1 response)
Technical specs 9.0 (1 response)
Other 10.0 (1 response)
Overall 9.0 (1 response)
Product: TASCAM DR-07
Price Paid: USD 149
Submitted 05/11/2009 at 09:35am by Pete

General : 9
The DR-07 is a small portable stereo digital recorder with built-in condensor mics as well as 1/8" stereo mic/line inputs. Size is comparable with a Zoom H2. Case is plastic, but seems durable.

Connectivity : 9

Connectivity is USB 2.0, or the SD (actually SDHC) card can be removed and read directly by your computer. Transfer rate seems very good. Card support, according to TASCAM's supported-media list, includes up to 32GB SDHC cards. I give credit to TASCAM for publishing a list of actual cards that have been tested with the unit, as I record at maximum bandwidth (48kHz x 24 bit), which puts the most stress on the storage card.

I/O : 8

Inputs include stereo condensor mics (cardioid), 1/8" stereo mic input (with switchable plug-in power), 1/8" line input, and 1/8" combination headphone/line-out jack. No digital I/O, and unlike the Zoom family, cannot be used as a USB-connected sound source. No XLR-balanced/phantom mic inputs on this model.

Input level control features a 3-level gain setting (accessed by menus) and a side-panel gain knob (very handy, compared to menu-based gain settings). The onboard limiter is analog rather than digital, which is a Good Thing. Auto-gain is also available.

Power : 9

The DR-07 is powered by two AA-sized Alkaline or rechargeable batteries. A menu selection lets you specify which type of battery is in use, so that the battery gauge properly reflects the remaining capacity. Tascam also offers a 5VDC AC power supply. The more-expensive Tascams are powered by a Li-Ion rechargeable pack, but on the positive side, the DR-07 runs on AA batteries available anywhere.

Technical specs : 9

44.1/48kHz WAV @ 16- or 24-bit, MP3 recording up to 320kbps. 96k would be nice, but I don't have mics or input sources (yet) that might demand it. Perhaps this may come in a future firmware update.

Other : 10

No software is bundled with the DR-07. I've used its WAV files successfully in Cool Edit and Audacity with no problems.

The availability of a tripod socket (1/4" x 20) on the bottom of the unit makes for handy mounting on a mic stand (with an adapter), which lets me hang mics and a recorder on the same stand for quick-and-dirty recordings. I have a small folding tripod which works fine for tabletop use as well.

Overall : 9

As a replacement for my Sony portable DAT recorder, I've only begun using the DR-07, mainly to record choral rehearsals, but I'm impressed with the overall ease-of-use and quality. Spec-wise, it's not as quiet as the more-expensive Sony models, but for the church environment I'm in, the noise floor isn't obvious. I am using it mostly with a set of Core Sound battery-box omni microphones, and plan to spend a little more time with the internal mics as well.



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