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Stride Piano Player, Three World Tours,  Jazz Pianist, Classic Bebop Piano, Blues Pianist, Jazz Festival Feature Artist,  Rock N' Roll Pianist, Classical Pianist, Evangelistic Style Southern Gospel Pianist, B3 Hammond Organist  with two Immaculate B3's (1956, 1957, New Quality, As Good As It Gets, Original Factory Organ Electronics (All Matching Serial Numbers Including B3 Case Body To The Body Backs, with Studio Outs, & 4 Leslies),  with Two (2) 122 Leslie's, and an Additional Two (2) 22H Leslies (22H Leslies with Updated 122 Amps, & Dual Speed), Studio Musician, Pro Tools & Focusrite Equipment Front End Inputs, Soft Synth World Class Library Collection; 1,000,000M +++ Plus Instrument and Loop Sample Library Collection, Studio Session Loop Library World Class Collection NY to Greece, Synthesizers Back-up For All Tour Instruments, Band Side Man, Synth Player Producer, Music Producer, Singer Songwriter, Versatile Music Arranger All Styles, Horn and String Arranger, Sound Technician, Studio Mix-Down Re-Mix Engineer,  Mr. Ears & Feeling, Musical Instrument and Theory Instructor, Vocal Instructor, Contemporary Keyboard Controllers, National and World Performance Tour Stage Experience (USA, Europe, Africa, Asia), Large Variety of Keyboards State of the Art Plus Vintage with Back-Ups For All, Lyricist, Music Arranger, Vocalist, Back Up Vocalist, Orchestral Director Arranger, Conductor Arranger Performer, Sound Track Producer Arranger, Score and Music Transcription Scribe & Arranger, Trombonist, Photographer, Duplicate Instrument Effects For All Tour Instrument Sound Processors, Computer Interface Inputs For All Instruments, Video Monitors, Multi-Channel Wireless Inputs, Multi-Channel Wireless Microphones, Multi-Channel Wireless Instrument MIDI Inputs, Multi-Channel Wireless Audio Ear Monitors, Recording and Live Broadcast Studio Performance and Engineer Production Experience, Production Consultant, Counselor, Mentor, Friend In Artistry Skills and Communication, Confidant and Ghost Writer, One Who Still Loves The Untiring Process Necessary To Achieve World Class Goals In Artistic Communication, Slide Rule Mathematician With Interest In Physics, Artist.

Daniel "Danny Piano" Lawrence Chesnut (age 12) pianist for the "Zioneer's Quartet (Radio, Concert and Praise)."

Danny Piano Chesnut, A Few Photos from 70's (100's more photos to come)

Danny Piano Chesnut, A Quiet Moment, 1994.

Billy Tillman Passing, August 15, 2012

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Music related link page will be updated regularly to include information pages and resource link pages for sheet music creation, as well as linked pages for instrument hardware, software, and related music production sites of interest.

Home - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

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"Bible Reference Files Located Here"


Above, Page 66, John 1: 1-14

Click Here:  For Bible Reference Files,  Bible Which One?  William Barclay - Seventeen Volume Digitized Version of "The Daily Study Bible Series Revised Edition, Translated with an Introduction and Interpretation by William Barclay";  And other Bible Study Books and Valuable Reference Files.

Dean Arthur Snyder, Johns Hopkins University Research Scholar

Dean Arthur Snyder, Research Scholar, John Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland, is a first cousin of Daniel L. Chesnut, Sr. author of this web site, and of whom aforementioned cousin Dean Arthur Snyder, the family is most proud; first for his love and devotion to his and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth; and secondly, for his dedication to the pursuit of excellence in and through the understanding of language, and more particularly the understanding of the truth found in the Holy Bible, it's various transcriptions, and it's rich heritage.

 Ancient language researcher, Cuneiform tablets to Computer Science. Biblical Languages Researcher, Computer Developer Engineer. Language Scholar and Teacher; German, Hebrew, Sumero-Akkadian, Sumurian, Babylonian (Akkadian), Greek, Ugaritic, Hurrian (Horites, Hivites), and English.

Dean Arthur Snyder; Click Here For Link To Dean Arthur Snyder, Johns Hopkins University Research Scholar Personal Information and Resume' of his Professional Life.

Click Here For The "John Hopkins Magazine", John Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland Article on Cuneiform writing from Ancient Mesopotamia excerpt, "Dean Snyder can read the following Cuneiform.

Click Here For The Master Index Link Page; For All "Digital Hammurabi" Project News, Digital Hammurabi Documentary Movies Viewable On line, and other Digital Hammurabi Links.



Click Here For Link To An Inspiring Essay On "How And Why To Attain Higher Studies And Abilities", And How To Understand Complex Subjects; Those Which Have Previously Inspired You To Invest Time In Quiet Thought.

 One Such Proven And Guaranteed Tool Is A Program of Continuing Formal Education, Incorporated With Private Analysis And Exploration. Perhaps Though Reading For Content Rather Than Habit; Perhaps In And Along With Meditation, That Is To Say Again Those Quiet Times of Day Dreaming About The Possibilities of  If Your Job To Redesign Or Invent The Subject of Your Interest.

Several Such Interests of Mine Are Christianity In Truth, Music, Physics, and Calculus, Beginning With Early Studies In Chemistry. Please Find Here A Link to An Inspiring Essay On Why?


Fiction Reading: "Starmaker", By Olaf Stapledon ?/font> 1937

Starmaker-Cover.jpg (12954 bytes)


Star Maker is a cornerstone work of science fiction. Stapledon undertakes the immense task of describing the entire history of life in the universe.

"The Structure of Time And Space, Phil Gibbs"

The Cyclotron Note Books Kept by Phil Gibbs These notes are now included in the Internet Science Journal. The cyclotron note books are a collection of essays about fundamental physics and metaphysics. The central essay is about the principle of event-symmetric space-time, a new theory about how to do quantum gravity. The style is more technical in some parts than in others. Each essay can be read independently but if you find that one of them has terms which you don't understand you may find them explained in an earlier one. The later ones may be too difficult for the layman and even I don't understand the last one.


Slide Rule Instruction Guide

Click Here For Link To Slide Rule Instruction Guide, Photos And Information Link Page.



SUNRISE - SUNSET INFORMATION: Click here to download small program 46.1 KB (47,294 Bytes).


 "Historical Documents, Government - Philosophy Links"

1. The Monroe Doctrine. 2. The Concept of Manifest Destiny. 3 The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. 4. The Government-Created Subprime Mortgage Meltdown. 5. The Glass-Steagall Act, and Repeal Timeline of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Bill. 6. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Bill. 7. The Sarbanes-Oxley Bill. 8. To The Conservative, By Tony Blankley. 9. Inflated Polls 2008 Presidential Election Vote. 10. Exit Polls Reveal Interesting Trend In 2008 Presidential Election. 11. The Clock of Life (Poetry). 12.Oklahoma Counties Information and Links Page.

2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing

2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing

Click Here (7.14 MB WMV Video, on the Link Page); 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing, The gullwing coupe, an even faster edition will be followed by an even lighter lighter Black Series edition at the end of the model run, and an all-electric version sometime in between. Mercedes says 2012 for the zero-emission SLS. We⬬ see. So, is it fabulous? The Older Model 300SL coupe stood out against an automotive universe that was a little thin in terms of exotics, while the SLS is surrounded by all sorts of gee-whiz rides, many of them considerably less expensive. Still, itⳠfast, itⳠathletic, and itⳠ clearly something special, If not fabulous. Slick here for the information page, and an extraordinary video of and new 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing in a "Roll Over (7.14 MB WMV Video, on the Link Page) .

"Carver Three Wheel Automobile"


Click Here For Link Page To View Video Of This Amazing And Revolutionary New Automobile; Possibly The Prototype For The Future Of Transportation. This Automobile Is A Cross Of A Jet Fighter Aircraft Chassis, And A Twentieth Century Three Wheel Automobile. The Natural Progression Of This Automobile Is To A Vehicle Which Will Hold A Minimum Of Four Individuals, and Limited Only By The Imagination Of Scientists To It's Adaptability Using Future Power Systems (10 Mb).

"Danny & Sue Chesnut Additional Family Pages Click Here"

Click Here: Chesnut Family History Homepage With Appendant Families

"Darren Chesnut Fine Artist, Magazine & Corporate Artist Consultant"


Darren Chesnut, Fine Arts Sketch, Ink To Canvas Oils and Acrylics, Graphic Artist, Commercial Media Advertising Art Director,  Magazine Layout and Production Specialist, Historic Large 19 Truckload Catalog Production Success, Concept to Color and Print Approval of Final Catalog Print, Print Contractor Catalog and Magazine Creative Proven Sales Director; Oversight.

World Class Commercial Artist with  National Fashion Photography Advertising Campaign History. Corporate Development National Regional Power to Worlds Largest Sales Corporation In Market. Corporation Concept Product Development and Packaging Growing To Global distribution from four Story Computerized Warehouse, With Accompanying Satellite Warehouses.

International Action Sports Photographer Artist, Ringside Las Vegas National Televised Fights. Experience Working This Fight With Two Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champions (To Private Party/Dinner). Subsequent Photography of A Third World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Photography at Private Home / Gym, For  Product.

Current Project Development UFC Product Line.

Proven Success in Growing Company  From Contender To Worlds Largest in Field, Steady Dependable Uninterrupted Work History of Deadline Completion, Project Development, 39 Years Of Age With Decades of Proven  Steady Success For Client Employers; Can Do Success In Marketing; Can Do Concept to Bank Account Rewards.


            Darren L. Chesnut,         Click Here Form Email Contact To Darren L. Chesnut  

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ㆩnding The Next Berkshire Hathaway Is Important To Many?/a>

In 1957, Bill and Carol Angle invested half of their life savings with Warren Buffett. Today, their shares in his company are worth over 300 Million Dollars. According to Forbes Magazine; Another early investor, Malcolm Chance has piled up $850 Million Dollars invested in the same manor with the Warren Buffetts Company (Berkshire Hathaway).


"NOAA Weather Radio Codes; State & County For  Setting of Radio Alert Alarm"

Click Here: Chart Containing State & County Codes For Setting Your NOAA Weather Radio To Sound Alert For Your Particular County. It Is Advisable To Set Alerts To Be Sounded For The Immediately To The Southwest Quadrant Of Your Home County As Severe Weather Travels From West To East Most Often; With Tornados Located In An Approaching Weather Front Most Often Found on Back Edge, And Traveling At Angle Of Approach And Attack In A Quadrant Traveling From Southwest To Northeast In An Approach To Your Location.

Click Here In Any Of These Paragraphs To Retrieve Data Necessary To Program Your Weather Alert Radio. Read The Instructions Accompanying Your Weather Alert Radio To Determine The Proper Procedure To Program Your Weather Radio Alert.


Promotional Codes Website, Check for Promotional Codes for Item Purchase by Store Name, Item, or Other Identifier.

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