Please take a look at these photos from our choir reunion.

Mom and I need my teeth lightened. I drank too mush coffee, and didn't use the whitening strips before the pictures.

Dr. Lee has real nice teeth in the photo with me, bit his teeth are darker in the photo with mom.

I thought that maybe you could take the color off of Mel's teeth and try it out, to see if that would help us.

You could also lighten his (Mel's) teeth in the photo with mom as well, by using a color sample from his teeth in the photo with me.

I noticed that Mel's teeth in the photo with mom looks darker that the other photo taken at the same time.

Could have been caused by the lighting (in adequate flash coverage).

Let me know.

I gave you the HD version of the photos. Please keep them at the highest resolution you can save them at. I have the Canon program and I can rescan them and make them smaller for the web, etc. Please same them in Max HD to disk for me, and I will pick them up, if you can.

Love, Dad,




1.    Dr. Melvin Lee and Me (Dad).

2.    Dr. Melvin Lee and Mom.

3.    Pianist Jon Eva Chambliss Murray and Me (Dad).

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