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I'm a mathematical physicist. I'm about to make a big career shift: I've been working on n-categories and fundamental physics, but now I'm going to the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore for two years, and I plan to think about technology and the global ecological crisis. I'll probably keep thinking about the old stuff a bit, too.

What's New?

When you make fuel from corn, do you use more energy than you gain? Join the discussion on Azimuth.


"Week304" of This Week's Finds features the third part of my interview with Nathan Urban. Learn how Lake Agassiz flooded out into the Northern Atlantic and made temperatures in Europe plunge by shutting down the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or AMOC. Could global warming cause a similar event? Learn about Urban's work on this question. It's a great introduction to the mathematics of climate modelling!



My students and I got a grant from the Foundational Questions Institute to work on categorifying fundamental physics. We've been hard at work:


Here's a great photo of zodiacal light versus the Milky Way, taken in Tenerife by Daniel Lopez:


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