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Roland's Ultra-Rad AX-Synth gives new life to a classic design. Empowering keyboardists everywhere to step out from behind a cockpit of keyboard gear and take center stage, the 49-key AX-Synth offers up a powerful built-in sound engine packed with solo-oriented sounds. And, thanks to its pitch-bend ribbon controller, D Beam, and modulation bar, you have a ton of expressive control when this guy's strapped onto your shoulder. Feeling really inventive? You can also connect it to your computer via USB and perform killer virtual instruments onstage with the AX-Synth.

Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer at a Glance:

Strap it on and play - this remote synth is loaded with sweet sounds. This is one piece of gear that's sure to steal the show. Just strap Roland's AX-Synth onto your shoulder and start rocking out - unlike shoulder synthesizers of yesteryear, the Roland AX-Synth features a ton of onboard sounds, so it's one self-contained instrument. Onboard are an onslaught of Roland's best solo-oriented synthesizer tones - all easily navigable onstage via a bright display.

Packed with controllers for expressive live performances. Roland's AX-Synth is loaded with the right kind of sounds - and expressive controls - for show-stopping performances. Also onboard are a pitch-bend ribbon controller, a D beam controller, and a modulation bar, so you can play each passage with expression.

Connect it to your computer via USB for virtual-instrument performances. While you can use the AX-Synth by itself for killer sounds, you can also pair it up with your computer via its USB connection, then use the AX-Synth to play your favorite virtual instruments onstage.

Downloadable PC software for customizing your AX-Synth sounds. While the AX-Synth features a ton of great solo sounds, you can also use the included PC software editor/librarian application to customize your sounds. The AX-Synth's USB/MIDI connector makes tweaking then loading your new sounds a breeze.

Battery-powered for untethered performances. The AX-Synth can function off of AC power, for practicing - or performing. But, for the ultimate in freedom, you can take advantage of its six hours of potential battery life. Just connect it up to your wireless instrument body pack system and really take your keyboard performances wire-free.

V-Link button for video control. Not only can you use the AX-Synth for center-stage-worthy synthesizer performances - but using its handy V-Link button, you can also use it for video and visual control.

Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer Features


Keyboard 49 Keys (with velocity) Sound Generator Maximum Polyphony 128 voices

Tones 256 Tones + 8 Special Tones (including SuperNATURAL)

Controllers D-Beam, Ribbon Touch, Modulation Bar, Volume Knob Controller, Aftertouch Knob Controller, Portamento On/Off, Hold button On/Off, Bender Mode: Normal/Catch+Last

Connectors Output Jacks: 2 x 1/4' inch phone type (L/MONO, R), Headphones (Stereo 1/4' inch phone type), Foot Pedal, USB connector (USB MIDI), MIDI connector (IN/OUT), AC Adaptor Others Battery 8 x Ni-MH rechargeable Batteries

Display (3 x 7) segment LED

Accessories Owner's Manual, Shoulder strap, AC Adaptor (PSB-1U)

Size and Weight ( excluding batteries ) Width 1,142 mm 45 inches

Depth 266 mm 10-1/2 inches

Height 87 mm 3-7/16 inches

Weight 3.9 kg 8 lbs. 10 oz.

Itís time to escape the keyboard rig and rock the stage. The stylish AX-Synth represents Rolandís new generation of remote keyboards, but for the first time, this one has a sound generator onboard. Itís self-contained and equipped with powerful, solo-oriented sounds from Rolandís latest, greatest synths. Strap on an AX and steal the show. Built-in sound engine with voices from Rolandís latest synthesizers Ribbon controller, D Beam, modulation bar, knobs, and easy to see display for stage USB MIDI for easy connection to PC Dedicated V-LINK button for video/visual control Long battery operation (approx. 6 hours)

All In One Plug in and play ó what could be more convenient? The AX-Synth has everything you need to steal the show. Unlike most remote synths of yesteryear, the AX-Synth is self-contained and loaded with hundreds of Rolandís greatest sounds. External MIDI devices are not required. Everything is built-in and ready to rock. Control Freak The AX-Synth is packed with cool controllers for expressive live performance. Glide your fingers over the Ribbon Controller for ultra-smooth pitch bends. A Modulation Bar and dedicated control knobs are also provided for real-time sound shaping. Wave your hand over the invisible D Beam for attention-getting effects. USB MIDI While the AX-Synth is completely self-contained, itís also capable of driving external instruments via MIDI. Plug into a MIDI device, and enjoy an unlimited world of sounds and textures, all controllable from the AX-Synth. Custom Programming The AX-Synth has a vault of great solo sounds onboard, but if you want to customize your sounds, you can download the dedicated PC software editor/librarian application. The AX-Synthís USB/MIDI connector makes communication to and from your computer fast and convenient.

 Bringing back the portability and fun of the Keytar with modern controls and features.
Pick up the Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer when it's time to escape the keyboard rig and rock the stage. This Roland keyboard synth has a sound generator onboard. A stylish take on the over-the-shoulder Keytar popular in the early 80s, the AX-Synth represents Roland's new generation of remote keyboards.

The AX-Synth is a self-contained keyboard equipped with powerful, solo-oriented sounds from Roland's current synths. It includes a dedicated V-LINK for video/visual control, USB MIDI for easy connection to your PC, an innovative bender mode for expressive solos. The Roland AX-Synth keyboard should last approximately 6 hours with a fresh set of batteries. With 256 tones plus 8 special tones (including SuperNATURAL), 128-note polyphony, and D-Beam, Ribbon Touch, and a Modulation Bar, you've got a lot of musical options hanging around your neck, So strap on a Roland AX-Synth keyboard synthesizer and steal the show.

Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer Keyboard Features

49 keys with velocity
256 Tones + 8 Special Tones (including SuperNATURAL)
3x7 segment LED display
Built-in sound engine with voices from Roland's modern synthesizers
Ribbon controller, D-Beam, modulation bar, knobs, and easy-to-see display for stage
USB MIDI for easy connection to PC
Dedicated V-LINK button for video/visual control
Innovative bender mode for expressive solos
Long battery operation (approx. 6 hours batteries not included.)
Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer Keyboard Includes:

Shoulder strap, AC-adaptor (PSB-1U)
Step into the spotlight with the AX-Synth strapped around your shoulders.


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Roland AX-1 Controller Manual (PDF, 3.46 MB, English, French, Italian, Japanese), Click Here.

Roland AX-7 MIDI Controller Manual (PDF, 904k), Click Here.


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