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This Is Too Important Health Information To Have, Hold, and Not Pass On.



 Please Read; This Could Potentially Save Your Life; Or The Life of Another!

There is something NEW that we can do to help ourselves in time of Heart Attack or Stroke.  Bayer Aspiring Corporation Has Now Available "Bayer Crystal Aspirin" Which Will Dissolve Under The Tongue. They Work Much Faster Than Regular Aspirin Tablets.


Heart Attack & Stroke Information: "New Aspirin Important Intervention."

Just A Suggestion For All; Purchase a Box of "Bayer Extra Strength Quick Release Crystals Bayer Aspirin", Keep One In Your Car, One In Your Pocketbook or Purse, One In Your Wallet, One At Your Bedside, One In Your Bible, One In Your Attaché Case, You Get The Message...

Why Keep Aspirin By Your Bedside?

About Heart Attacks...

There are other symptoms of Heart Attack or Stroke Other Than Chest Angina; The Pain In Your Chest Or Through The Left Arm.


One must also be aware of  any intense pain on the chin , as well as nausea and lots of sweating, however these symptoms may as well may occur less frequently, are possible indicators of Heart Attack.

There may be NO Pain in the chest during a Heart Attack or Stroke..  The majority of people (about 60%) whom had a Heart Attack during their sleep, did not wake up.  However, if it does occur that the chest pain may wake you from a deep sleep. Then.

Then:   Immediately Dissolve Two Aspirins In Your Mouth and Swallow Them With Water; Get Them Down.

1.     CALL 911

2.     Say "Heart Attack!"

3.     Say that you have  taken 2 aspirins..

4.     Phone Someone Whom Lives Close By; Phone A Neighbor or Family Member...

5.     Take A Seat On A Chair Or Sofa Near The Front Door, and await Emergency Services arrival; DO NOT LIE DOWN~!

6.     DO NOT LIE DOWN~!


We did not know that you should not lie down while awaiting the Emergency Services Care And Transport (EMT).

 I Have Shared This Information For The Benefit of Others, Will You Courageously Join Me In This Educational Effort?

Forward This Message; It May Save Lives!

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