Microfilm Research Courtesy Marilyn Brown. e-mail

The microfilms were extremely difficult to review. The Frederick Co. film was a negative exposure and early 18th century English script. The Isle of Wight film was about 45% illegible because of "bleed through". I wanted to "qualify" my statement in that I could well have missed references on these films even though I tried to be quite thorough. My findings were negative. The Frederick Co record consisted mainly of records of aid to the poor; it contained no marriage or baptismal records. In Virginia, until after the Revolution, because the Episcopal Church was the established church of England, colonists were required by law to record births, deaths and marriages with the local luck. The only positive information was that after the death of Alexander, Ann and children did not recieve financial aid through the church. A surprising number of Frederick Co residents did, but they were not on the list. The Isle of Wight film was of Newport Parish. It may not have even been the parish in which the Chesnutts lived, but the film was available and it did not hurt to check...but no mention of the Chesnutts.

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