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Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia 1976
The Gervais-Irene
The transition back begins...
...images in alignment...
Gervais-Irene + Amelia
= Irene-Amelia

"You're onto something that will stagger your imagination." Spoken in 1962 by U. S. Navy Commander John Pillsbury (Ret.) to CBS Radio Journalist, Fred Goerner who was investigating the 1937 disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Less recalled anymore, is how seventy years before before Hilary Swank took on Amelia, 'official silence' began building the foundation used to form an impenetrable 'public domain' mystery of Amelia Earhart.

Below: A rare photo of the original Irene Craigmile (later 'Bolam.') What was the connection between Amelia Earhart and the original Irene Craigmile? Beyond 37's recent forensic study revealed how the original Irene Craigmile was seen no more in the photo history of her person after the 1930s, although her identity was attributed to two other women from the 1940s until 1982. One of them, who the forensic study referred to as the 'Gervais-Irene' (seen above) most certainly aligned with Amelia Earhart in an alarming head to toe congruence. No surprise, the original Irene Craigmile knew Amelia Earhart as did her prominent Attorney Aunt, Irene Rutherford O'Crowley who was a good friend and 'Zonta' sister of Amelia's. Yet, what became of the original Irene Craigmile? Amelia Earhart no doubt knew and never told anyone. As well, how did a new Irene Craigmile in the 1940s, suddenly start looking like a carbon copy of Amelia Earhart... who had 'vanished' in 1937? 
The original Irene Craigmile (Bolam), circa 1930
Husband Charles Craigmile (left), and her father Joe O'Crowley (Right).

[Click on either of the next two photos down to go to the 'Forensic Comparison Samples' link. Recently the National Geographic Channel downplayed the decades old Irene-Amelia controversy. Observe in this website the many years worth of important investigative research data it omitted.]

1945-1982 ID'd Irene Craigmile Bolam, 1978 photo.
AKA The 'Gervais-Irene,' distinguished and proud, notice the silver wings below her left shoulder.
Left 'Irene' photo image nicely aligns...
...with Amelia's from her 1932 book "The Fun Of It." (See more comparisons below.)

Above:  The 1945-1982 identified Irene Craigmile Bolam's image aligned with Amelia Earhart's image, reprinted from the seven-year Beyond 37' Forensic Analysis. No surprise to the learned, this Irene (one of three different women who had used the same 'Irene' identity) is not seen among the photos identifying Irene Craigmile (Bolam) prior to the 1940s. In other words, in the 1940s she seemingly appeared from nowhere to assume the original Irene Craigmile's identity. In 1991 the now late Monsignor James Francis Kelley, a former President of Seton Hall University described in a taped interview how the woman above, who he had been close friends with from the World War Two era on (until she died in 1982,) had in reality been the former Amelia Earhart. Some called the famously liked and highly respected Monsignor 'crazy' for having said such a thing. He wasn't. The comprehensive forensic analysis displayed the true physical and character trait congruence shared by this Irene and Amelia Earhart. (See more comparisons below.)

"Numerous investigations foundered on official silence in Tokyo and Washington, leaving the fate of Amelia Earhart an everlasting mystery." From Marylin Bender & Selig Altschull's Pan Am Aviation History book The Chosen Instrument, 1982, Simon & Schuster.
"She stated she was turning north and they continued to hear her at intervals, her signals becoming fainter each time received." Colonel H. H. C. Richards, Air Liaison Australia, U. S. O2 Intelligence Memo, 11/1/38. This 1980 declassified document differed greatly from the final Earhart transmission report released by White House Cabinet member, Henry Morgenthau Jr. a year after Amelia vanished. Evidently, after realizing no choice but to offer something about Earhart's final moments, what he released differed from the Coast Guard Cutter Itasca's initial version of Earhart's final words. Instead of "turning north," the public version of Amelia's final words became "We are running north and south," thus eliminating the last specified direction she was flying in.

 Another example from the study, this time Amelia transitions into the 'Gervais-Irene'...

Photo overlay blend...
...of Amelia Earhart and the 1945-1982 ID'd Irene Craigmile Bolam.
The transition back begins...
...to the 1945-1982 Irene Craigmile Bolam.
1945-1982 identified Irene Craigmile Bolam.
AKA 'The Gervais-Irene' shown in a photo taken during a 1963 visit to Japan.

Above: In the 1960s WWII hero Joe Gervais met the 1945-1982 ID'd Irene Craigmile Bolam in New York at a gathering of well known retired pilots. He found her importance and familiarity suspect. She told him how she had known Amelia Earhart and she had even flown with her. Here, Amelia's image morphs into the 1945-1982 Gervais-Irene. Note: The three different women who were identified as one in the same 'Irene Craigmile Bolam' are all displayed in Irene-Amelia.com, yet only the Gervais-Irene (displayed here and elsewhere in the site) matched Amelia in an amazing head to toe congruence. Again, the Forensic Analysis revealed how the Gervais-Irene appeared nowhere in photos identifying her as 'Irene' prior to the 1940s, and again, left unrealized, was how the 'Irene' seen here appeared to have emerged from nowhere in the 1940s to become a new 'Irene Craigmile.'

Before the forensic analysis took place it was never ascertained how three different women had been attributed to the same Irene Craigmile Bolam identity.
It's hard to accept, but anymore it looks like Joe Gervais was onto something quite real with his long ago assertion of Amelia Earhart's survival as a reidentified person. [Note: As in Beyond 37's study, wherever the label 'the Gervais-Irene' is applied it denotes the 'Irene' who Joe Gervais met and photographed in 1965.] After thoroughly investigating her, Joe Gervais lived the remainder of his life (he died in 2005) attesting to her having been the 'former' Amelia Earhart. Most people automatically discredited him, the families of Irene and Amelia dismissed his assertion as well, but nary a soul ever proved him wrong, which is why a major curiosity about this woman's true past always remained.
"  I hope I've just got to never make it public." 
1938 quote from FDR White House Cabinet member, Henry Morgenthau Jr. on the known yet withheld circumstances of Amelia Earhart's 1937 disappearance. Part of an official transcript, the U. S. Executive Branch never allowed what it knew about Amelia Earhart's disappearance to become public information. Two months after Morgenthau sent the above quote about Amelia's loss to Eleanor Roosevelt, he released the doctored version of Earhart's final words. Add to this the odd quote from U. S. Navy Commander John Pillsbury, who described how the post loss reality would "stagger" a person's imagination, and the 1965 Admiral Chester Nimitz mention of how years ago it was quietly "known and documented in Washington; Amelia Earhart and her navigator went down in the Marshall Islands and were picked up by Japan." (As opposed to 'captured' or 'imprisoned.') Admiral Nimitz also intimated what became of the flying duo was 'unclear' to him after they were rescued. In 1987 the Republic of the Marshall Islands actually issued a commemorative stamp series depicting such a rescue of Earhart and Fred Noonan, something common to their own history even today. Still, U. S. Executive Branch 'Official Silence' about Earhart has remained ever since she and Noonan were said to have 'vanished without a trace.

News wise, Earhart's 'mystery' was likened to a quote from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; "When legend becomes fact, print the legend." As described above, reliable sources kept information from the press on what happened. They appeared aware of a different world-flight ending for Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, one left unspoken to the public.

Fox-Searchlight's new movie 'Amelia' has renewed interest in the decades old and perpetually debated Irene-Amelia controversy. More than ever it appears Amelia somehow did survive amid some anomalous circumstances. Of the three main 'media touted' theories that have long tried to account for Amelia's 1937 disappearance, it is now plainly evident Amelia did not 'crash and sink'--after she stopped transmitting while still safely airborne with at least four to five hours of fuel remaining; nor were she and Fred Noonan imprisoned and subsequently executed by Japan; and the Nikumororo Island 'bones rumor' was recently shown to be a false lead after the admission of no bones at all being found on the island in recent years, and the realization of many other visitors having happened on the island (FKA 'Gardner Island') before and after Amelia's disappearance. Otherwise, one can see and learn here about what is now deemed 'the new Amelia Earhart reality paradigm' by virtue of Beyond 37's recently completed forensic argument analysis, while observing how the 'former' Amelia Earhart used to appear in public until her passing in 1982. 


Wikipedia succumbed to 'false truths' about it, and even the National Geographic Channel shied away from the reality of this incredible story. Hilary Swank and Mira Nair were also advised to 'stay away' from it, and they did, leaving them to put out a fairly limited if not 'politically correct' or 'milk-toast' rendition of Amelia Earhart's nine years of world fame. Those who devoted years of serious investigative research to finding the 'real' Amelia Earhart, learned about a few major truths never endorsed to the public, to include the high level 'official silence' regard towards the confusing-to-the-public issue of Amelia Earhart's long ago disappearance.
With the recent additions to the controversy, the National Geographic Channel's coverage of this enigmatic individual was admittedly 'not up to date' when it was presented in an 'Unsolved History' special about Amelia Earhart. In the wake of Hilary Swank's portrayal of Amelia, the 'shared identity' discovery of Irene Craigmile Bolam has gestated some serious concerns among a variety of Amelia Earhart research scholars.

 "She certainly knew flying. She knew everything there was to know about Japan." 1982 press quote from Irene's friend, John Malloy of Rumson, New Jersey. Mr. Malloy expressed his opinion three months after Irene's passing. He and other survived friends of the 1945-1982 identiied Irene Craigmile Bolam viewed the issue of her true past identity as suspect.
The photos directly below feature two different women. It was recently revealed how both were historically identified as one in the same Irene Craigmile Bolam.
Question: Which one of the two women shown below was the 'original' Irene Craigmile (Bolam)?
Answer: Neither. The original (maiden name 'Irene Madaline O'Crowley') who was a 1930s 'friend' of Amelia Earhart's, stopped appearing in photos after the 1930s.


Irene Craigmile (Bolam), 1940s
The Gervais-Irene, post-loss augmented, publicly identified as 'Irene' from 1945 to 1982.
Irene Craigmile (Bolam), 1940s
The Non Gervais-Irene, recently family identified as the same Irene Craigmile (Bolam.)

Where both women shown above were historically identified as the same Irene Craigmile Bolam, see the "Closer Comparison of Eyes and Faces" link for their distinct separation. Also see the "Will The Real Irene Craigmile Bolam Please Stand Up" link, upper left, for info on the 'original'' Irene Craigmile (Bolam). To view the 1982 newspaper 'forged photo history' of Irene Craigmile Bolam, see the "1982 New Jersey Tribune" link.

Again, it is now known; the original Irene Craigmile appears nowhere in the photo history of her person after the 1930s.
"After watching some [of his] video and looking at the self-published book by researcher, Tod Swindell, who employed the methods and expertise of forensic anthropologists to compare AE and IB physically, I think Joe Gervais was right." News Journalist Rosalea Barker of New Zealand
"Foudray also thinks Gervais' and Swindell's research is 'just the tip of the iceberg.'" "All the evidence all put together, I feel like she (Amelia) did survive." "I think she survived and came back to the United States." Excerpts from two interviews with Lou Foudray of the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum on the investigative research of Joe Gervais and Tod Swindell; from a Topeka Capital Journal article by Jan Biles and a 2009 interview conducted by Lara Moritz of KMBC TV Kansas City. [See Press Notices link for more.]
'Look familiar? Amelia always had sinus trouble.
Info on her post-loss 'deviated septum rhinoplasty' and dental work is included in this website.
What happened to Amelia Earhart?
"The recent Forensic Analysis displaying more than one person identified as Irene Craigmile Bolam has placed a new twist on the decades old Joe Gervais assertion, of the Irene Craigmile Bolam who he met and photographed in 1965 in reality having been the 'former' Amelia Earhart. Notably, the survived families of both Irene and Amelia along with the Smithsonian Institute, historically avoided having to address or acknowledge such a 'plural Irenes' realization. It is true how an 'interested' National Geographic Channel agreed to display the new 'shared identity' controversy before it curiously backed out in the ninth hour. As well, the decades old tri-pact convention of media touted 'Earhart theorists' also steered clear of drawing attention to it. In recent times however, said 'big three' entities influenced Hilary Swank's 'Amelia' movie into becoming a politically correct biopic, as opposed to a noteworthy achievement of historical verisimilitude." Beyond 37'
Official United States historians have avoided dealing with the Irene-Amelia controversy by intention, even though the Gervais-Irene (Irene-Amelia) has remained implicated as the former Amelia Earhart since the 1960s. Some researchers regard it as an obvious revelation the public has been steered away from addressing, mostly due to the large amount of 'misinformation' conveyed about it. Still, the Gervais-Irene's past proved incomplete in a personal and photo-history way. Although the original Irene Craigmile and Amelia Earhart were friends in the 1930s, again the survived families of both have dismissed inquiries into the odd outcome of their past acquaintance, where by the mid-1940s a different Irene suddenly resembled Amelia Earhart... who had turned up missing just years earlier. The odd congruence between Amelia and the Gervais-Irene truly is haunting in physical, character trait, and even past association ways. Also recall how no official investigation into Amelia Earhart's 1937 disappearance was ever conducted. (See more comparisons below.)
* * *
"The National Geographic Channel is well aware of Mr. Swindell's recent forensic discovery of more than one person having used the same Irene Craigmile Bolam identity. They were to display it in their new TV special about Amelia Earhart. I believe they decided against it to avoid the controversy it would have caused. Earhart survived, there's no doubt about this anymore." National Geographic on-camera Amelia Earhart history scholar, USAF Colonel Rollin C. Reineck (Ret.) (National Geo also ignored the medical, aging, facial posturing, and lighting explanations that accounted for the few differences it pointed out. As well, the channel offered no in depth personal history of Irene, no MD testimonials, no head to toe comparisons or handwriting trait samples, and it also avoided mentioning Irene's and Amelia's family opinions of the matter. Basically it did its best to skate by the true nature of the Irene-Amelia controversy.)


From The Associated Press (Also on CNN
"We were inclined to think Irene probably was not Amelia. However the Forensic studies are very convincing. She was not an ordinary housewife as she claimed. She was influential, knew many well placed people and was well traveled." The now late John Bolam, referring to the Swindell/Beyond 37' Forensic Analysis from an Associated Press article by Ron Staton. John Bolam was the 'much younger' survived Brother of Irene's British husband, Guy who she wed in 1958. He believed Guy (who died in 1970) was British MI6.
* * *
Below: Another example, the Gervais-Irene's image morphs into Amelia's image. Amazingly, Joe Gervais went from the late 1960s to the late 1990s so certain about the true identity of the Irene he encountered and photographed, he never felt a need to conduct a comparative forensic analysis. Beyond 37's was ultimately arranged to compare physical beings and character traits. The end results were astounding, to say the least, although not to Joe Gervais.

1945-1982 Irene Craigmile Bolam
Shown at Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1965 after visiting 'friends at NASA.'
The transition begins...
...see Amelia's image becoming apparent.
Amelia's image starts to take over...
...notice the congruent alignment; face, chin, neck, shoulders, et al.
Amelia's image dominant.
From a 1935 photo taken during Amelia's pre Hawaii to Oakland flight sea voyage.
Of A True Historical Concern
Following the recent years 'learned revelation' of more than one woman having employed the same 'Irene' identity, coupled with nearly four previous decades worth of some influenced 'public neglect' to be achieved regarding the Irene-Amelia matter, (dating back to the harsh treatment of WWII hero Joe Gervais after his initial realization in the late 1960s) (see the "Joe Gervais" paragraph below) ...people are finally beginning to wake up and smell the coffee of this, at long last, most detectable reality. The whole point of individuals exercising a personal option to transfer into some new 'anonymity' status, is because they wish to no longer be recognized for who they once were, for reasons, perhaps, only known to them and a very few others. In the case of Earhart, a once world famous public figure whose tragic end was all but conveyed without definition in 1937 through both national and world media sources, such a thing would have seemed unheard of, if not impossible to accept, let alone recognize later. Yet anymore there is no denying what has been learned over the years about the personal history of Irene Craigmile Bolam, nor is there any denying what has been achieved forensic comparison wise when it comes to the physical and character trait congruence observed between the 1945-1982 identified Irene Craigmile Bolam and Amelia Earhart. As well, their similar 'social status' realities became impossible to overlook, especially where they were both prominent Zonta members, and into the 1970s openly maintained key alliance friendships with Muriel Morrissey, (Amelia's Sister) famous 1930s pilot Viola Gentry, and a slew of international officials, figureheards, and politicians, (such as Barry Goldwater) who always seemed more than willing to advise people not to suspect her person to have been formerly known as Amelia Earhart, to the extent of aligning the mere suggestion of it with notions of past unknown negativisms. Yet the Irene-Amelia conveyance, however talked down was still never officially disproved. Meanwhile, as distinguished and proud and worldly as she always was, more people everyday are accepting this plainly recognizable truth to represent the new paradigm 'true-blue' final fate, of the legendary pilot hero, Amelia Earhart.
Joe Gervais, 1924-2005
Was WWII hero Joe Gervais right after all? From the late 1960s until his passing in 2005 Major Gervais, who researched and investigated Amelia Earhart's life story as thoroughly as anyone, described how Amelia actually survived her controversial disappearance in 1937 with the public and national media never being 'officially' clued in. Is this why the governments of the United States and Japan always maintained 'official silence' when it came to the subject matter of Amelia Earhart's loss? In the faces of many naysayers Gervais unwaveringly maintained the assertion of Earhart's survival as correct, and how it became the former Amelia Earhart's own preference after WWII to live on as a non-public, all-be-her 'still prominent' person in the U. S. who continued to travel internationally, until she passed away in 1982. Joe Gervais concluded how Amelia had acquiesced the identity of a friend of hers from the 1930s by the name of 'Irene Craigmile.' (The original 'Irene Craigmile' whose image appears nowhere in photos after the 1930s, was a person whose past existence and family history Joe Gervais had also investigated.) He also agreed with the determination of how the former Amelia had altered her familiar look a bit, to include a medically necessary 'deviated septum rhinoplasty' procedure she endured. Although the National Geographic Channel recently downplayed the decades-old Joe Gervais claim with disinformation, and the Smithsonian has always managed to steer clear of seriously addressing it, after his passing the University of Texas at Dallas archived the four decades accumulation of Joe Gervais investigative research on Amelia Earhart's life and disappearance, and it currently attests how the Gervais theory represents the 'most plausible' one. Of note, to date the Gervais Irene-Amelia claim has never been 'officially' disproved. At the same time, ostensibly in the interest of maintaining the status quo regard of Amelia's heroic legacy and the sanctity of the 'mystery' of her disappearance, the survived family members of both Amelia and Irene only encourage people to look beyond the years of intense investigative efforts of former retired USAF Major Joseph A. Gervais, a bonafide WWII pilot-hero himself, who logged almost twenty-thousand hours of military flight time after combining time also served in Korea and Vietnam. Few recall anymore, in 1960 while touring among the former Imperial Islands of Japan, after then Captain Gervais along with his 'Operation Earhart' partner, Captain Bob Dinger had gathered over seventy sworn affidavits of local residents and officials recalling Amelia Earhart's continued survival there after she turned up missing in 1937, U. S. military brass stationed at the Fuchu Air Base in Japan confiscated such material and more learned and gathered by the two Captains during their early investigation time period.   
* * * 

It Is Important To Realize...

Within the past two years, (from 2007 to 2009) several individuals have posted false and/or misleading information over the internet about the Irene-Amelia conveyance. Where the recent forensic analysis clearly displays how only the 1945-1982 identified Irene Craigmile Bolam matched Amelia Earhart physically and character trait wise in a haunting congruence, those who detract from this newfound reality do so while ignoring the truth of the multiple Irenes equation. Hence, claims such as "they don't really look alike," or "they were different heights," or "it was proven false, Irene and Amelia were not the same" are made without a forensic foundation. Even Wikipedia features a 2007 non-relative supplied biography of Irene Craigmile Bolam featuring a statement suggesting how one Kevin Richlin, a Forensic Detective from Riverside, California finally 'proved' the age old Gervais 'Irene-Amelia' claim wrong via his recent years appearance on the National Geographic Channel. Yet, contact Mr. Richlin himself and he'll say he did no such thing. Incidentally, the Wikipedia biography of Irene features a photo of the 1945-1982 identified Irene only, who now appears to have been the former Amelia Earhart regardless of all dismissals and rebuttals.
The entire Irene-Amelia episode now looks to have amounted to some kind of historical sham the public is just now catching up to, while a Freemason Society pact from the past may have had a hand in it. (Recall FDR, Winston Churchill, J. Edgar Hoover, General Douglas MacArthur, General Jimmy Doolittle, and even President Harry Truman are all listed as past Freemason Society members.)  Where so, it would have first come to be during the pre-World War Two years, then continued on while U. S. official historians remained silent, or steered the topic in a different direction whenever they were asked if Amelia Earhart survived, and/or especially... if she ever changed her name to 'Irene.'
< For more on the curious life history of Amelia Earhart, her friendship to the original Irene Craigmile, her uncanny alignment to one of the post 1930s Irenes, a review and synopsis of the new Hilary Swank movie 'Amelia,' and some old rumors and still currently misconstrued 'facts' about Irene-Amelia correlation... check out the various click-on page links shown upper left.
Will the real Irene Madaline O'Crowley Craigmile Heller Bolam please stand up(?)
 (The 'shared identity' math seems a bit complicated at first, but it really isn't)  
Who is/was this person?
Shown in the 1940s, she is/was not the original Irene Craigmile nor the former Amelia Earhart.

The woman in the photograph directly above was not the 1945-1982 identified Irene, nor was she the original Irene. Still, the only identity publicly attributed to her after the 1930s was that of "Irene Craigmile Bolam." It is apparent, intentionally to the public the two 'non-original' Irenes were identified as one in the same in the interest of obfuscating and protecting their real identities. As well, the mystery of what became of the original Irene Craigmile grew to loom as a heavy one. Meanwhile directly below, see another example of the 1945-1982 identified Irene compared to Amelia.  

1945-1982 Gervais-Irene, harder exposure...
...different angle too, all of eighty years detectable.


Amelia Earhart, age twenty-six.
1923 into a mirror self-photo portrait. She would become famous in 1928.
Above photo in an equal morph blend...
...with the 1978 photo of the 1945-1982 ID'd Irene


Rollin Reineck: We believe Jackie Cochran was sent to Japan to help bring Amelia home. Are you aware of that?

Monsignor Kelley: Yes, I was involved with that.
The above exchange is excerpted from a 1991 taped conversation between former Seton Hall University President Monsignor James Francis Kelley and Earhart research scholar/author Rollin C. Reineck. The below photo of Monsignor Kelley and the 1945-1982 identified Irene Craigmile Bolam is a click-on link to more information about them. After the Irene displayed here died in 1982, Monsignor Kelley was asked by the press about the possibility of his 'good friend' Irene's past dual identity(?) Kelley's reply appeared in an October edition of the 1982 New Jersey News Tribune this way: "I could not state my feelings. Doing so would violate everything I learned in the confessional." As noted, if one compares the Irene shown here to Amelia Earhart, he or she will observe how their images perfectly align.


Monsignor Kelley & Irene Craigmile Bolam, 1980
Monsignor James Francis Kelley was President of Seton Hall University from 1939 to 1949
"We don't discuss that around here." President Richard Nixon, 1970, responding to the then national news story about the just released McGraw-Hill book, Amelia Earhart Lives. The book implied Irene to be the 'former' Amelia Earhart. Irene held a press conference at the Time-Life building in New York, (alone) damned the book as "a pack of lies" and "a fantastic story," and strongly stated "I am not a mystery woman and I am not Amelia Earhart." She then stormed out after fielding no questions. Joe Gervais remarked,"She handled the press like a pro." Years later her good friend, Monsignor James Francis Kelley indicated she saw no choice but to react as she did. He also pointed out by 1970 she had 'not been' Amelia Earhart for many years so her denial in the present tense, especially to her, was not necessarily a non-truthful statement. In 1979 Kelley also told his friend, Donald Dekoster how by the 1960s she "barley recognized herself anymore for who she used to be." Irene sued McGraw-Hill but after five years refused to submit her fingerprints as 'proof positive' of her identity, so in early 1976 a ten dollar consideration was paid by her to Gervais and the book's author, Joe Klaas, who in turn paid her the same amount to end a separate suit she levied against them. McGraw-Hill did pay a mid five-figure settlement to her for 'damaging her reputation' by way of a few specified false allegations, to include the suggestion she was never legally married to her British husband, Guy Bolam who she had wed in New York in 1958.     
*   *   *

After initially agreeing to do so, observe here what independent filmmaker Noel Dockstader did not discuss or show in his self-produced film 'Where's Amelia Earhart' occasionally seen on the National Geographic Channel. Mr. Dockstater declined to address the recent discovery of more than one person having used the same Irene Craigmile Bolam identity. According to the history of Irene Craigmile Bolam she was born in 1904 and died in 1982. Yet the Irene Craigmile Bolam who Joe Gervais met and photographed in 1965, then spent several years investigating the background of, only appeared in the photograph history of Irene Craigmile Bolam from 1945 to 1982. Again, just recently this became newly recognized forensic reality information.

Shown directly below, the woman featured on the cover of Irene Bolam's 1982 Memorial Dinner program was not the Irene Craigmile Bolam who Joe Gervais met and photographed in 1965 at a Long Island, New York gathering of well know retired pilots.

Eyes and Faces forensically compared...
...this 1982 'son ID'd' Irene Craigmile Bolam was a different person than the 1945-1982 Irene.

Below: The younger and older images of two different people historically identified as one in the same Irene Craigmile Bolam. (Neither marks the image of the original person born into said identity; nee "Irene Madaline O'Crowley.")


Irene Craigmile, 1940s
As identified by the original Irene's Son in 2006
Irene Craigmile, 1982
Same person as shown to the left, the original Irene's Son supplied this 1982 news series photo.
1945-1982 ID'd Irene [1945 'Zonta' labeled photo]
Earliest known photo of this particular Irene Craigmile (later "Bolam")
1945-1982 identified Irene Craigmile Bolam
Same person as shown to the left, photo taken in 1965 by USAF Major Joe Gervais, (Ret.)


Prior to rhinoplasty and brow skin tucking...
...before dental work and cosmetic adjustments, one can easily recognize a familiar image


1933 enlarged photo of Amelia...
...taken at FDR's Hyde Park estate.
1965 Gervais photo of 1945-1982 ID'd Irene.
Gervais met her through Amelia's friend Viola Gentry at an Early Birds of Aviation gathering.


1933 Amelia photo blended with...
...1965 Gervais photo = Irene-Amelia.

It is certain only the 1945-1982 Irene died in July of 1982, so where the other 'non-original' Irene's estimated birth year was 1924 by family friend Lucy McDannel, said 'Irene' would have turned eighty years old in 2004 making her continued existence at that time a possibility. Again, neither woman shown above was the original Irene Craigmile Bolam who bore a Son in 1934. Still, both women shown above repeatedly appeared in newsprint photos and in an obituary sense while identified as one in the same 'Irene Craigmile Bolam.'

A Preface of Additional Information Presented in this Website:
Note: Among the photos and info displayed farther down, read more about the 'different Irenes' who employed the same identity. Also be sure to check out the various page links shown in the left column to include the 'Forensic Comparison' links, the 'Press Notices' link, and 'The History of Amelia Earhart Research' link. [One may also scroll halfway down for the more formal Home Page foreword and introduction.]
"In the past five years great strides were made to help the Earhart-curious better understand the controversy of Amelia Earhart's disappearance and its future correlation to the identity of Irene Craigmile Bolam. Most important was the realization of more than one person having shared the identity of Irene Craigmile Bolam, with the 1945-1982 identified Irene matching Amelia Earhart physically and character trait wise. Said Irene was internationally familiar, she socialized with Amelia's Sister, and she was part of organizations Amelia used to belong to." Tod Swindell, 2007
*   *   *
The National News Media 'Big Three' Earhart Investigators
It is essential to realize: Although they represent completely different theories, one Elgen Long of the Nauticos Group, one Bill Prymak who heads the Amelia Earhart Society, and Richard Gillespie who maintains the TIGHAR organization, (all fairly wealthy and influential private citizens) have dominated public perception of Amelia Earhart's 'mystery' through the news media for the past three decades. Recently their influence guided the National Geographic Channel's latest profile of Earhart's 1937 'disappearance.' Mr. Long, a past good friend of Amelia's late Sister Muriel has always touted the 'crashed and sank' version of Earhart's fate. (After the 1960s Muriel and United States history quietly seemed to favor this ending as well.) Bill Prymak suggested Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan were possibly spies who ended up in the Japanese mandates and somehow perished there. And Richard Gillespie offered how the duo ended up at Nikumororo of the Phoenix Islands where they radioed for help for three days before the tide pulled their plane out to sea to sink, leaving them to die of hunger and dehydration. Curious, no authenticated evidence ever substantiated any of their claims, and few academic historians have ever taken any Earhart theory seriously. Elgen Long used to lecture to audiences with Muriel sitting beside him, and recently he was signed as an advisor for the new Hilary Swank/Fox-Searchlight movie, 'Amelia.' Contrarily, over time Bill Prymak became to main media go-to person when it came to the age old 'spy' theory, and since 1990 Mr. Gillespie has held many TIGHAR press conferences about his Nikumororo claim. [Recently Mr. Gillespie held one announcing how Earhart's DNA evidence was possibly retrieved from Nikumororo, mentionioning it will take "a year" for a Canadian lab to test some items he found there. Experts regard it as a sensational suggestion lacking true merit and creating false hopes. For one thing, the items he referred to were attributed to previous ships known to have moored there or run aground, and at least one brief attempt made at habitation. For another, the last 'official' radio message from Earhart was received while she was still safely airborne. True, after she stated one final line of position her radio fell silent while her plane was estimated by experts to still have 'four or five hours of fuel left.' No "we're in trouble" nor were any SOS signals ever authentically accounted for, and thus bore the basic mystery of Amelia Earhart.] The 'Earhart spy theory' was introduced in the 1960s although to date it too has never been authenticated or ever accepted. Meanwhile, as if time washed them away, there were many conveyed reports of Amelia Earhart's continued existence under the auspice of Japan among its Imperial Islands after she turned up missing in 1937. As mentioned in the Joe Gervais paragraph shown above, the first collection numbering greater than seventy in individual affidavits,* was confiscated by top U. S. military officials in Japan in 1960 at the Fuchu U. S. Air base. [*From The Search For Amelia Earhart by Fred Goerner, Doubleday, 1966.] Many more surfaced since then as "official silence in Tokyo and Washington" always prevailed.
* * *
1945-1982 Irene + Amelia = Irene-Amelia

Since 1970 the person of Irene Craigmile Bolam has remained a less reported on yet, 'heated' subject of debate among Earhart research scholars. Most ended up trying to dismiss it out of hand, but it still refused to go away. See and learn here, how in recent years and regardless of the way official U. S. historical dictum record keepers try to avoid dealing with the topic, it is plain as day anymore how Amelia Earhart, at some point during the World War Two era, surely did become one of three individuals who employed the same identity of 'Irene Craigmile Bolam.'      

*The Formal Home Page*
Foreword: As official silence remained in effect, in 1987 few Americans took notice of the five-part Republic of the Marshall Islands 50th anniversary postal stamp series, (1937-1987) commemorating the Japanese Naval Authority's rescue of Earhart and Noonan at Mili Atoll of the southern Marshalls. Nor did they later notice, the 2002 Associated Press article featuring    the Marshall Islands U. N. Ambassador, Alfred Cappelle's statements about Amelia; how she "definitely" ended up in the Marshalls and so much had always been viewed as "common knowledge" in his own country. Famous Amelia Earhart researcher, Joe Gervais would later pontificate on how the inability of the American public to accept such a truth, was due not only to 'official silence' and 'misinformation' on the matter; but also to American pride and prejudice, or, the reluctance of United States citizens to accept being enlightened about their own history by people from a foreign land.


Home Page Introduction:
Beyond 37', AKA 'The World War Two Veterans Coalition of Researchers; The Earhart-Craigmile Chapter' was formed in 2001. The goal of Beyond 37' has always been to enlighten the Amelia Earhart curious. Within the context of this site, Amelia's past less-recalled involvement with Irene Craigmile's prominent O'Crowley family of New Jersey is thoroughly examined. Who was Irene Craigmile? She was once a fledgling pilot and friend of Amelia Earhart's in the 1930s, although somehow by the 1940s, Irene had as well become a missing person. This website sheds new light on the controversial subject matter of Amelia Earhart's 1937 disappearance, and how in 1970 a different woman known as "Irene Craigmile Bolam" made national news headlines when McGraw-Hill published the book, Amelia Earhart Lives. The new Irene's denial and impressive support afforded her by important individuals, led news editors to determine the book was likely a hoax-inspired account, so their news reporters never seriously investigated it. Was there a real controversy? Of course there was. McGraw-Hill never would have wasted its time publishing the book had there not been. True, the implicated Irene called the book "a fantastic story" and "utter nonsense," and to her enough of it seemed to be. No matter, the chapter about how Joe Gervais came to meet her in 1965, and its inclusion of the photograph he took of her the day he did marked an important (hidden) part of American history. Journey into what you never knew about this incredible story. There's a lot to consider here so take your time. Beyond the Forensic Comparison Samples and other links, be sure to see the Amelia at the microphone photo link on the right. Plus recall how Amelia was a pacifist, and even though as Irene she tried to downplay herself as a mere "New Jersey housewife" in 1970 after she was found out, she was actually the farthest thing from that. In the 1960s and 70s she constantly traveled the world and had many friends in high places. She was also the corporation President of Radio Luxembourg in Europe in the 1970s. Legally, as Irene Craigmile Bolam, the former Amelia Earhart died in 1982.
From Websters:

forensic  1. of, characteristics of, or suitable for a law court, public debate, or formal argumentation. 

science  1. the state or fact of knowing; knowledge.              2. systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, and experimentation carried on to determine the nature or principles of what is being studied.

Did the world public really know this beautiful person? Not completely.



Indifference was the displayed regard towards various World War Two veterans who researched the Earhart story. Some had investigated Earhart's disappearance since the early 1960s. Such a regard was especially doled out to a few regaled war heroes, after they tried to reveal a learned incontrovertible truth about the Amelia Earhart controversy, and how Amelia's past acquaintance, 'Irene Craigmile' and her extended family fit into it. The vets basically figured it out, yet they remained all but 'officially' ignored when they raised their voices, and they were summarily dismissed history-wise by protective, and even at times somewhat divisive individuals. The opposition culminated, where the so called 'mystery' came to exist the way it was designed to.  


The Amelia Earhart Mystery Exists Because It's Supposed To Exist, Not Because It Really Does Exist. The Amelia Earhart Society's Bill Prymak, The TIGHAR Organization's Richard Gillespie, And Nauticos' Elgen Long Are The Three 'Media-Touted' Guiding Influences Who Keep The American Public Dumbed Down On The Matter, Instead Of Steering It Towards Amelia's Available True-Story Facts. This Website Is Just The Start Of The Forensic Truth Reveal Pertaining To The Last Years Of Amelia's Life As Amelia Earhart. It Also Examines The Hidden Support Mechanism That Remained Legion With Amelia After She Became Someone Else. Said Mechanism Is Why The Historical Dictum Influences Of Three Countries And The Catholic Church, Dating Back To The World War Two Era, Came To Agree How The Name "Amelia Earhart " Would Only Be Associated With A Years Ago World-Famous Person Who Tragically Died In 1937, According To Their Evermore Commonly Expressed Viewpoints. 


Learn more about Amelia, shown here.
Forensics revealed three different 'Irenes' employed the same identity.


To know the the full story of Irene Madaline O'Crowley Craigmile Heller Bolam, is to realize a truth from American history that remains untold. Some have long been aware of it  ...while below is a morph of two photos taken over four decades apart from each other. To look beyond the Irene Craigmile Bolam seen here, check out opposite page 119 in Amelia's 1932 published book, The Fun Of It. 

Click on photo to link to the new Hilary Swank movie page.



Below Are A Few October of 1982 Sample Newspaper Quotes About Irene Craigmile Bolam, Who Had Passed Away Just A Few Months Earlier:

"Some of Irene Bolam's closest friends equivocate to this day about the possibility that she may have been Amelia Earhart."

"Peter Busatti, a sports promoter who had known Mrs. Bolam for many years, said he often teased her about the persistent rumor that she was Miss Earhart." "At a Wings Club event in Washington, Busatti mentioned how Admirals and Generals seemed to know her."
"Once when Busatti asked Mrs. Bolam directly, [if she was the former Amelia Earhart] she replied ""When I die, you'll find out."" He also mentioned, ""She had a lot of Japanese artifacts in her home. I'd kid her about that."" 

"John Malloy of Rumson said he met Mrs. Bolam at a golf tournament. ""I've been back and forth,"" he admits in discussing conjecture that she was really Amelia Earhart, ""One minute I think yes, and the next no. She certainly knew flying. She knew everything there was to know about Japan,"" he said." 

NOTE: The above quotes were excerpted from the 1982 Woodbridge New Jersey News Tribune 'investigative series.'   The series addressed the question of Irene's real identity three months after her passing. Her true past had remained a highly debated subject matter since 1970, even after she offered her present tense denial of "I am not Amelia Earhart." Yet, she stopped being her former self after she changed her name to 'Irene' during the WWII era. Therefore, technically she did not   lie to the public. (See the Miscellaneous link for more quotes pulled from the series.) After two weeks of teasing its readers with said 'identity' question, the 82' series employed forgeries to steer the public into falsely concluding only one Irene Craigmile Bolam ever existed... when in fact there had been three... with one of them ascertainable as the former Amelia Earhart. Here, recall the character of 'Winston' from George Orwell's 1984 who worked for his government's Ministry of Truth. His job was to adjust past newspaper stories to make them align with 'Big Brother's' preferred viewpoint. George Orwell proved himself prophetic. For in 1982 a U. S. newspaper was engaged to alter facts to adjust public thinking, into accepting the preferred U. S. history viewpoint of the Irene-Amelia topic. But the Irene-Amelia truth refused to go away. Throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and into the 2000's the subject of Irene's true past identity continued to be debated by Earhart investigators and scholars. As mentioned the most recent attempt to put it to rest came via the recently airing National Geographic Amelia Earhart special. Although it was aware of such controversial story advances, the National Geographic Channel chose not to address both the discovery   of the 1982 fraud-lined Tribune series, and the 2002 forensic realization of more than one Irene Craigmile having shared the same identity. Instead, it engaged the case-uninformed opinion of a police forensic detective, who shied away from favoring the haunting similarity displayed by the 1945-1982 identified Irene when compared to Amelia. This is a good example of the way national media outlets are sometimes made to serve a favored U. S. historical viewpoint, even if it isn't the truth. Notice too, how no national news outlet has ever seriously addressed the Irene-Amelia controversy. They occasionally mention it off-hand, but that's about it.              


Older version (1978 photo) of 1945-1982 identified "Irene Craigmile (Bolam)"


1982 Woodbridge New Jersey News Tribune photo.
Older version of the 2006 family identified "Irene Craigmile (Bolam)"



Of the two different younger and older looking Irene Craigmiles shown above, neither one was the original. The original Irene's maiden name was Irene O'Crowley. Her first husband, Charles Craigmile died tragically in 1931. In October of 1932 her 'pals,' the two well known pilots Viola Gentry and Amelia Earhart... helped introduce their recently widowed friend, Irene to flying planes on Long Island. In mid-1933 Irene fell for one of her pilot instructors, Alvin Heller and by early 1934 they were married with a child. But the trail of the original Irene Craigmile (Heller, later annulled) grows cold after that point. There is no doubt it was the original Irene Craigmile who somehow vanished forever long ago, and the former Amelia Earhart went on to later use her identity, and also serve as a Mother figure to the original Irene's survived Son. In 2006 when he was shown the 1945 Zonta photo of Irene Craigmile, her Son said he'd never seen it before. He also could offer no photos showing his Mother pre-dating 1945, although he guesstimated the younger version of the 'family identified' Irene Craigmile shown him to be from the early 1940s, when he was a young boy of six to eight years old. He surely knew her as he appeared to have been left in her charge a lot as he grew up. Yet neither Irene shown here was his true birth Mother, and by the mid-1940s he'd been sent to a boarding school. The earliest photo he holds of his 'mother' from his junior high graduation in the late 1940s shows him standing between Irene-Amelia and his Father, Al Heller who he'd spent very little time with as a young boy. Be it known, between the 'family identified' Irene photo, and the appearance of the older photo version of her in the 1982 Tribune, no other photos of that specific Irene appear. Rather, from 1945 to 1982 only photos of Irene-Amelia appear in the photo history of Irene's person during said time frame. Her Son (a very private man, and a former Pan Am Pilot) was debriefed on the newly learned information in 2006, and he appeared reticent after siding with the history of his Mother as one person. Historically until 2006, apparently he never felt so compelled to deal with the controversial issue of his 'Mother's' life story in public, maybe with one exception; he and his wife's participation in the 1982 New Jersey News Tribune investigative series, that once again 'reviewed' the Irene-Amelia controversy. Consider the following 1982 news article excerpt about Irene's Son's viewpoint: "Mrs. Bolam's only child, Clarence 'Larry' Heller of Huntington Bay, L.I., has said he doesn't want to pursue the fingerprints or identity question any further." "Heller wrote to the Rutgers Medical School [where Irene had donated her body] shortly after Mrs. Bolam's death requesting her fingerprints. The school turned him down. Mr. Heller told the News Tribune that he has decided to let the matter rest. "I'm not interested in digging around," he said. "I would just as soon let it hang as a mystery ...let it remain an unsolved mystery," he said."' A bit curious here, how through such words Irene's Son seemed to prefer leaving the issue of his Mother's true identity, 'a mystery.' 


1963 Irene in Japan newspaper photo...
...blended with 1928 Amelia photo = Irene-Amelia
Amelia: Often outspoken, always very private.
What does history recall about her that you don't? (Click on Photo)


Note: See the original Irene Craigmile's step by step biography in the lower portion of the 1982 New Jersey Tribune link.  
The plural Irenes 'forensic discovery' was initialized on 11/12/02. The physical congruence realization of the 1945-1982 identified Irene Craigmile Bolam when compared to Amelia Earhart, actually commenced back in 1997. 
After calling it 'solid science' and initially agreeing to, the National Geographic Channel refused to display or address the plural Irenes discovery in the 2006 Earhart special it still airs now and then.  
The 1982 Woodbridge New Jersey News Tribune 'investigative news article series' that examined the question of Amelia Earhart's survival as Irene Craigmile Bolam, (three months after Irene died) featured photo forgeries used to meld plural individuals into one. The series is now regarded as a past yellow-journalism attempt, meant to steer people away from the truth of AE's post-1930s existence as another person.


The families of past friends Amelia and Irene, would not openly endorse nor positively address the Irene-Amelia conveyance after it was first learned of in 1965. Still, the controversy proved itself worthy of serious consideration then, and in recent years it has even more-so. Not to mention from the 1950s on Muriel Earhart Morrissey and Irene-Amelia were Zonta Sister friends.



In a Nutshell...
  • The Irene-Amelia controversy began in 1965. The forensic argument still supporting it today stems from forty years of in depth research and a long term forensic analysis.
  • Where the 1945 to 1982  identified Irene Craigmile Bolam (again, more than one used that same identity) displayed such a haunting head to toe physical congruence to Amelia Earhart, she is hence referred to as 'Irene-Amelia.' 
  • The controversy still exists today because it has never been authoritatively disproved. People have (sometimes strongly) claimed it isn't true, but outright disproving it has never been done. This is why it has remained a controversy for over forty years. 
  • John Burk, former Publisher of the now defunct Woodbridge New Jersey News Tribune was a good friend of Irene-Amelia's. Burk is considered to have been instrumental in the contrivance of the October of 1982 "Was She or Wasn't She Amelia Earhart(?)" investigative newspaper series that followed Irene-Amelia's Summer of 1982 passing. 








1945 Zonta photo. (Earliest one of Irene-Amelia)
From 1945 to 1982 she was publicly identified as "Irene" after nose and dental work.



Prior to her rhinoplasty and brow skin tucking...
...without the dental work and cosmetic adjustments, see an image from the past.



Her son's estimated date: 'Early 1940s'
2006 family identified "Irene Craigmile (Bolam)" [Photo likely taken, circa 1947]



It's true, since 2003 those who influence national news outlets on all Earhart mystery updates, have closed a blind eye to the forensic analysis that recognized both the 1945-1982 ID'd Irene Craigmile and the 'family ID'd' Irene Craigmile as two different individuals. As well, the tear ducts and eye-rims, the face print, and the head to toe body of the 1945-1982 ID'd 'Irene Craigmile' match Amelia's, and the 'family identified' Irene Craigmile's do not. Not to mention handwriting and voice comparisons aligned as well. It was also easy to determine how the Family Identified Irene and the '1945-1982' Irene shown here were not the same person. Their brow ridges, noses, face dimples, hair lines, and especially their tear duct and eye-rim comparisons did prove impossible to align. And the 'Family Identified' Irene also looked noticeably younger than the '1945- 1982' Irene. [Again, observe in the Forensic Comparison links how the 1945-1982 Irene Craigmile's features align with congruence to Amelia's.] Close examination also reveals the engagement of certain augmentations to help obscure her recognizable visage of the 1930s. (These changes were researched and are addressed further in the site.) National Geographic did film the 'Family Identified' Irene... and called the science 'solid' that had separated the two. Yet to avoid controversy, they ultimately chose not to address or display images of the 'Family Identified Irene' in its recent TV special. One might also notice what appears to be a slight familial looking similarity found in the two 'age generation separated' Irenes. Read on to learn why.        


1933 enlarged photo of Amelia...
...taken at FDR's Hyde Park estate.


1965 Gervais photo of 1945-1982 ID'd Irene.
Gervais met her through Amelia's friend Viola Gentry at an Early Birds of Aviation gathering.


1933 Amelia photo blended with...
...1965 Gervais photo = Irene-Amelia.




 Note: Please See The Forensic Comparison Samples Link, And The Wikipedia Explanatory Link.
In Washington DC at the Smithsonian Institute, there's a large elephant by the name of "Irene" squatting in the middle of the Amelia Earhart controversy. The Smithsonian Institute placed a lampshade on its head and tells the curious, 'It's nothing... It's just an old lamp.... Don't pay any attention to it.'
*   *   *
On truth distortion and alternative truths, where only one truth exists yet so many possibilities are offered: "The entertainment of the alternative in its highest development, becomes the entertainment of the ideal." A. N. Whitehead, 1937
In a way, over time Amelia Earhart's truth was bowled over by quite a variety of shined and polished theories. None of them ever came close to resembling the real truth though, and so much left the public to accept the 'ideal' of Amelia Earhart's fate existing as 'an everlasting mystery.' 
One of Whitehead's 1937 concepts of 'History' reads: "History is the record of the expression of feelings peculiar to humanity." 
Considering how famous fliers Amelia Earhart and Viola Gentry were once good friends, in 1965 Joe Gervais found it peculiar if not a bit odd, how Viola Gentry had another good friend named 'Irene' who looked like a carbon copy of an 'older' Amelia Earhart, and was held in such high esteem by other famous fliers and even NASA astronauts. It would not be until the 'multiple Irenes discovery' was made over three decades later; World War Two hero Joe Gervais would finally be vindicated for what he had come to believe in, and long stressed to the public he clearly recognized, right up until his death in 2005.
*   *   *
The Hypothetical 1937 Amelia Earhart Flight-End 'Quiz-Challenge':
Where was Amelia Earhart the last time she laid eyes on her Lockheed Electra airplane?

A. On or near to land… (an island or atoll, etc.)
Still airborne…
C. Sinking beneath the ocean surface with it after ditching on the water…
D. Adrift in a raft watching it sink...
E. Watching it ablaze after a fiery wreck…
F. Watching it get hoisted onto a Japanese hauling ship...
G. Watching it fade away from aboard a Japanese fishing boat...
H. Looking back at it while hiking down from a mountain jungle...
I. At a Japanese Naval Authority base in the pacific…
J. On a Japanese Imperial Mandate Island, or in Japan…
K. In the United States…
L. Somewhere else…

All of these theorized 'Earhart flight endings' have been seriosuly discussed and/or existed in the realm of possibilities over time. Of course, unless one automatically accepts “C” as the answer (the crashed and sank theory) it's noticeable how Amelia’s final disposition would otherwise remain 'unknown.' The rogue idea introduced by Joe Gervais in the 1960s basically went like this: ‘Joe Gervais did not know how it got there, all he knew was with certainty he believed he recognized the survived body of Amelia Earhart in 1965, in the name-changed form of the Irene Craigmile Bolam he met at a gathering of well known ‘senior citizen’ retired pilots. Viola Gentry, one of Amelia’s past New York pilot-friends was also good friends with the same Irene Bolam and her British husband, Guy Bolam. When Joe Gervais met Irene and Guy, indeed it was Viola Gentry who introduced them to each other. 

On the surface, after the modern forensic analysis began in 1997 it finally did begin to appear odd how Viola Gentry, a charter Ninety-Nines’s women’s flying club member with Amelia Earhart, (Amelia served as the Ninety-Nine’s first president starting in 1929) yes it seemed odd how Viola had two friends who matched so well in different eras of photographs.
If anything it appeared as a remarkable coincidence how Viola’s 1960s friend, Mrs. Irene Craigmile Bolam aligned head to toe in photographs with Viola‘s long gone friend, Amelia Earhart. At least, until 2002 anyway, when it was discovered and revealed how more than one person had been identifiied as the same Irene Craigmile Bolam. By 2006 it was also certain, after verification was received from the original Irene's 1934 born Son Larry Heller, no photos displaying the Irene Craigmile Bolam who Joe Gervais greeted and photographed in 1965 showed her identified as Irene prior to the mid-1940s. In other words, the person named ’Irene Craigmile Bolam’ who Joe Gervais encountered, seemed to have emerged from nowhere into existence sometime in the 1940s identified as Irene Craigmile, according to the photographic record of Irene Craigmile Bolam's person. In the meantime two other women, the original Irene Craigmile and a woman who still remains forensically non-identified to this day, appear in the early photo history record of Irene Craigmile Bolam.
Incidently as well, Irene's complete name on record after the three marriages attributed to her person (1927, 1933, 1958) ended as Irene Madaline O'Crowley Craigmile Heller Bolam. Of note, O'Crowley was her maiden name, and after a thick paper trail that evidenced a 1940 annulment of her second marriage to Alvin Victor Heller, (who would go on to become a Sr. VP of the Miami Aviation Association) the name of 'Heller' was formally dropped from her person and reverted back to 'Craigmile,' until her marriage to (family described British MI6 operative) Guy Bolam in 1958.
This later realization signaled a remarkable discovery made in the long held Gervais claim-dispute. Plus, it finally backed former Seton Hall University President, Monsignor James Francis Kelley’s 1991 admission (after he refused to admit it for many years) of his long time good friend ‘Irene’ having formerly been known as Amelia Earhart. Otherwise on paper, if one ignores the multiple Irenes discovery, everything else appears fairly linear as far as Irene's life story goes. Yet such had been the arrangement, evidently. 

It also appeared there were various individuals who over time, wished not to clue the the public in on such a forensic truth about Earhart's real personal history. After all, history had declared Amelia 'dead' two years after she turned up missing. Apparently she was always to remain so. Naturally Earhart’s survived Sister Muriel, who knew her as Irene in later life, along with the original Irene’s still living Son were included among those who were against exploiting the truth, and apparently the Smithsonian, the National Geographic Society, the Amelia Earhart Society, TIGHAR, Nauticos, and ostensibly the forever silent about it U. S. Government all but surreptitiously coerced the national media circuit over time, to pay attention to other ideas about Amelia Earhart’s ending. Thus, for years they all collectively steered the public away from what has now grown to become a rather obvious forensic truth to behold. And as evidenced by Noel Dockstater's recent National Geographic profile on the matter, he as well had been hopelessly bullied into submission on the matter.
It is also a shame how media stories focused on the negatives of Earhart’s survival only; via the perverbial catchall 'Earhart may have survived for a while, but she sure must have died over there somehow’ routine.
It was hardly ever asked: What if she survived and didn’t die?
It’s true, Amelia Earhart and/or Fred Noonan survival stories all sell their final demises (or 'deaths') in some sure way. The Nikumororo story offered by TIGHAR ends with Earhart and Noonan’s death by starvation and/or dehydration. The Amelia Earhart Society as well might imply how Amelia Earhart’s death took place in the Marshall Islands or on Saipan, although philosophically it rejects all theories at the same time, as confusing as that sounds. Four decades ago, in 1966 the media first exploited the negative offerings of CBS radio journalist, Fred Goerner and continued to do so through Buddy Brennan‘s offering from the late 1980s, where both described Amelia Earhart having been on some kind of spy mission before being caught and either executed by Japanese soldiers, or dying of some kind of sickness while in Japan’s custody. The idea of Amelia Earhart remaining basically ‘ok’ the entire time after she turned up missing, coupled with some hard to explain experiences she endured during the war era that left her to change her name for future anonymity rather than explain it all when she returned to the U. S., was never even remotely welcomed into the realm of possibilities by ANYONE, except for Major Joe Gervais and those who became devoted to his years of investigating the matter. Contrarily, the most consistent media support over the years since the late 1970s was afforded to Earhart family friend, Elgen Long who always insisted Earhart, Noonan, and their plane made it to the deep bottom of the Pacific Ocean, somewhere northwest of Howland Island. Hence, in most people's steered perception of the matter, Amelia Earhart ended up there, and the elderly Elgen Long himself would even be hired to advise the makers of the new 2009 Hilary Swank film, for nothing more really, than the sake of political history correctness.
*  *  * 
It is evident how official U. S. historians were conditioned over time to steer both the media and the public away from seriously investigating the Irene-Amelia story. Until the late 1990s they most often succeeded in doing just that, and they still would be succeeding had it not been realized by a select few scholars, how Earhart's 'survival' was at long last a recognizable forensic true-hood.
So many letters had repeatedly been written to the White House, to the Smithsonian Institute, and even to the National Geographic Society about the Earhart case over the years, yet they were all systematically answered with polite and non-informative 'sorry, can't help you there' replies. Once again, as Bender and Altschull wrote in their 1982 Pan Am Airways history book, The Chosen Instrument; "Numerous investigations foundered on official silence in Tokyo and Washington, leaving the fate of Amelia Earhart an everlasting mystery."
Of course, one could always turn to the 1965 words of Admiral Chester Nimitz, who stated it was long "known and documented in Washington" as non-public information, how Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan were actually picked up by Japan after they were said to have 'vanished' in 1937, and they had continued to exist henceforth under Japan's auspice. 
No matter. In the Conclusion link the reader will perhaps consider, how even high-end Masonic members have influenced the public's perception of U. S. history over the years, through such notable organizations as the Smithsonian Institute and the National Geographic Society. So where the History Channel conveys how nine past United States Presidents were Freemasons, the following list of WWII era Freemason members is also very impressive if one ponders the true Amelia Earhart saga, and is justifiably deemed worthy of at least some consideration. Such a WWII era list of Freemason members (often referred to as 'a secret society of upper echelon, highly intelligent, and highly influential individuals') included General Douglas MacArthur, President Harry Truman, General Jimmy Doolittle, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, President Franklin Roosevelt, FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, WWII national radio reporter Lowell Thomas, WWII Philippines imprisoned General Jonathan Wainwright, cowboy entertainer Will Rogers (a friend of Amelia's who died in a 1935 plane crash,) and even a post-WWII friend of Irene-Amelia's, Senator Barry Goldwater... yes, all were past Freemason Society members.
Once strongly challenged by the Papacy (Catholicism) dating back hundreds of years ago, Freemasonry still exists today. Masonic societies are always applauded for their benevolent doings, and they are still quietly influential towards the way history should go down and be recorded. Interestingly enough, when the late 1990s to early 2000s forensic and investigative research advancements in the Irene-Amelia case became known, a 'back away and observe' attitude was identifiable. But such a control factor still seemed to ominously dominate from within. The various 'private citizens' who have long steered the United States national media sway over the Amelia Earhart controversy, if not Masonic themselves could have been unknowingly subjugated by such an influence. In the specific example cited above, four years after the 2002 'shared identity discovery' was made, right after it was affirmed by the Son of the original Irene Craigmile in April of 2006, within a few months of it becoming known information, filmmaker Noel Dockstader via the National Geographic Channel, set out to take control of such a revelation through the national media eyes of the public. After the original Irene's Son, Mr. Larry Heller identified the entirely different 'Irene Craigmile' individuals prevalently shown in this website to have been his one in the same Mother figure, with the 1945-1982 identified one [Irene-Amelia] matching the profile of Amelia Earhart in a haunting congruence, within a short while Mr. Dockstader had molded his self produced 'Undercover History' National Geographic Channel episode around the Irene-Amelia topic. With equal measure, to be sure, he carefully took the Irene-Amelia controversy and mixed it in with the outdated yet more traditionally publicized Amelia Earhart disappearance theories, avoiding the new dilemma caused by the original Irene's Son by not even bringing it up. Basically, Dockstader simply revisited the old 'Irene Bolam' story without truly updating it, and he hired a forensic detective who he clearly left dumbed down on the matter to shore up his expressed opinion. Not to forget, the National Geographic Channel's original show title at the time, 'Unsolved History' was a true indicator of NG's locked-in approach to the topic. Even Noel Dockstader admitted he 'knew' NG was not about to enlighten a national TV audience in any truth-conversion way. No doubt the long debated Earhart disappearance subject matter is too controversial of a historical topic, and too concretely set in the American public mindset as 'a mystery' for National Geographic and/or the Smithsonian Institute, to suddenly start admitting how a different Amelia Earhart disappearance story version was known all along by some of its past, and perhaps even present to an extent, big brother-like 'influential' coffers.
Yet there is always hope. Perhaps President Barack Obama with his 'new winds for change' and 'truthful to the people' updates will instigate a permissive outcropping that allows for some responsible clueing-in of American citizens, as pertains to some of its own true history value. Amelia Earhart was always a wonderful person, even after she changed her name to Irene during the World War Two era. No one knows why she did such a thing, but her reasons must have been good ones. The hidden historical fact remains, she did to it, and so much is all that is wholesomely known thus far in a true forensic sense. Of course the Smithsonian Institute and National Geographic Society are still trying to get people to avoid seriously considering such a truth, and no doubt they always will, until the United States Executive Branch orders them not to, anymore.         


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