"Grab & Go Bug Out Minimum Category Requirements"

(Remember Fire Arms Win Hand Fights & Attacks)

$1,000 Money, $1000 Silver Dollars (preferred), or $1,000 Small Bills ($10 Bills, No Larger)
1 Ea. High Sierra Sentinel 65 Tough Backpack For Carrying Your Gear (Great Reviews)
1 Ea. Tube Tent - A place to sleep out of the weather
1 Ea. Thermal Blanket - Retains Body Heat; Can Use As Ground Cloth
1 Ea. Poncho - Keeps You Dry - Orange Visibility, Camouflage For Stealth
1 Ea. Emergency Blanket -Strong Weatherproof Blanket
1 Kit  Food and Water (1 Gallon Per Day).
1 Cs. Emergency Food Bars - Puts Some Calories In You.
4 Pr.  Emergency Drinking Water - 4ea Day 20oz Bottle Each.
1 Ea. Water Bottle & Filter Straw - Fill With Water and Drink The Filtered Water
1 Set  Personal Cup/Bowl Eating Utensil
1 Ea. Sierra Cup - Jumbo - 14oz - Your Own Cup and Bowl To Eat and Prepare Food
1 Ea. Light My Fire Spork - Spoon, Fork, And Knife All In One
2 Ea. Fire Starting, Swiss Firesteel Army Model Fire Starter (Flint & Steel, Excellent)
1 Kit Fire Starter & Tinder - Magnesium Fire Starter, (More Flint Than Magnesium)
1 Ea.  Medical First Aid (Surgery, Scapel, Secures. Needles, Thread, Disinfectant)
1 Ea. Ultralight & Watertight .7 First Aid Wound care, Medications, Bleeding and Bandages
2 Ea. Tissue Packs
1 Ea. Light & Signal
4 Ea. Chem Light - Green 12 Hr Stick; Bend It and It Glows For 8-12 Hours
1 Ea. Mini Flashlight Mini Flashlight - Batteries Included.
1 Ea. Rescue Howler Whistle - Loud Whistle To Signal For Help.
1 Ea.  Tools, Shovel. Tree Saw, Large Knife, Bowie, Machete
1 Ea. Campers Multi tool - Knife, Pliers, Other Useful Tools All In One With Case
1 Ea. 550 Para Cord - 50 Feet - Many Field Uses
1 Ea. Backpackers Sewing & Repair Kit - Lets You Mend Clothing and Gear
1 Ea.  1ea. Snare Wire - 100 Foot Roll - Use For Setting Traps To Catch Rabbits Or Squirrel